Date: 2nd May 2008 at 4:57pm
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Ach. Another week passes with the only ‘news’ coming from Calderwood’s weekly Thursday press conference that as always Byrne, Smith and Mair still won’t be available for the upcoming game. So I came up with the genius idea of coming up with a list of the 20 greatest football clips to be uploaded to YouTube.

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The Effects of Football Manager – A young Partick Thistle fan is slightly unhappy when things aren’t going too well against Gretna.

But…No Butts – Goalkeeper Hans-Jorg Butt gets a bit carried away after scoring a penalty.

Let’s Be ‘avin You! – Delia Smith’s famous drink-fuelled half time rant. Norwich fans look away.

Duck! – A freak gust of wind at a football match in South Africa causes avertising hoardings to literally fly onto the pitch.

Male Cheerleader – Sky Sports News pick up on a male cheerleader at Ewood Park. 10/10 for effort…not sure about the rest.

Ball Post Face – Tenner you couldn’t do that again.

Beckham Punk’d – Rio Ferdinand makes David Beckham run down a street in Manchester without any idea where he is.

World’s Worst Penalty – Match fixing? Or just pure Scheidt?

Take 2…3…4..5…6 – On the subject of penalties, one referee is a bit strict on the rules of the penalty kick.

The First Touch of an Elephant – Good pace, a fine first touch and great to have in the dressing room. Get this guy signed up Calderwood.

Pick It Out Landreau! – The most spine-tingling mix of commentary every. From none other than France 0-1 Scotland.

GOAL! – Sticking to that night, Gordon McQueen delivers balanced news that Scotland have scored.

Joga Bonito – Zlatan Imbrahimovic does keepy ups with have a guess…chewing gum. You have to see it to believe it.

Tough Game to Lose – Especially if you’ve won. Those yanks are still trying to get used to post-match soccer interviews.

The Art Of The Celebration – Need a celebration for fives this weekend? No problem. Vital Aberdeen take no responsibility for any injuries caused by people attempting #4 and 5.

Binocular Football – Those mad Japanese are at it again.

No Good Enough to Play in Europe? – Walter Smith tears Chick Young to shreds during an interview in his first time at Rangers.

The Greatest Own Goal Ever – To give you a little background, Hungarian Fehervar had defeated Debrecen 2-1 in the first leg of the Hungary Cup. In the 2nd leg Debrecen took a 2-0 lead, but Fehervar made it 2-1 and the match is just about to go into extratime when Debrecen is awarded a penalty…

Effortless – Many Aberdeen fans say Mackie will never score unless it bounces in off his backside. Well…

Pearl Heenan – It has absolutely nothing to do with football, but 82 year old Pearl Heenan shot to fame when she featured on Soccer AM.