Date: 26th July 2007 at 8:22pm
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The results in Egypt were a bit ropey but the boss has seen enough to declare that his troops are peaking and in perfect position to trump last season`s third place finish.

It may just be the heat getting to Jimmy or the euphoria over the 5-1 victory in the last game of the Egypt tour that has got him shouting his mouth off again but there`s no doubt Calderwood believes in his new boys.

After losing the first two matches, Aberdeen then went on to win their next two by delivering performances that had the manager raving over the quality of play his team served up so he`s more than just confident that they can reproduce that form in the SPL with Dundee United in his sights a week on Saturday.

He told RedWeb ‘I think this result had been coming because the standard of football in recent days has been outstanding and if we had played like this from the start of the tournament we would have won the cup.

‘Now there are massive problems for the management team about who to pick in every area of the pitch.

‘I could not have asked any more of the players and we have romped home in the past couple of matches. The players are now scoring goals for fun, from every part of the team, and the sheer quality of their football has been a joy to watch.

‘We are ready for Dundee United next Saturday.’

Whilst the Dons main competitors still have huge glamour matches to play against the cream of European football with the likes of Barcelona and Chelsea testing themselves in Scotland, Jimmy`s boys have done their pre-season work and now only have a couple of tune up formality matches left before next Saturday`s big kick off and Jimmy is delighted with how his preparations have gone.

‘We finished the tour in style and are in perfect shape for what lies ahead in the next few months.

‘We have a stronger squad, so the target has to be to do better than we did last season.

‘That means winning more games in the league than we did last time and seeing where that takes us to.

On the money again Jimmy but have you still not thought that maybe a goalkeeper of real quality would have helped stop the seven goals the team lost in just four games in Egypt?

It`s probably the most important area of the pitch and the guy in goal last season cost us a right few goals so what hope do we have for Soutar who has already proven himself to be inferior to even the calamitous Langfield?

Beating last season`s achievements will be a serious uphill struggle unless that glaring problem is resolved. Time to splash some of the Anderson money please Jimmy.