Date: 30th June 2007 at 3:25pm
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The deal with ex-Aberdeen goalkeeper Bobby Clark to tip off Aberdeen about any promising young stars from his Notre Dame soccer school was greeted with much applause and excitement but the lead had run dry over the last few months.

With Jimmy looking to secure established stars for the first team, promising players weren`t apparently foremost in his mind and the names of the Americans he was interested in fell off the radar.

It now seems they were not forgotten about and Aberdeen will be bringing Soccer America`s Player of the Year Joseph Lapira over in August but Jimmy Calderwood is quick to insist that nothing like a permanent deal has been struck.

Jimmy told Reds Online ‘As far as I know Lapira is still coming over to train with us, but it is just a favour to Bobby Clark.

‘I haven’t checked whether he can play in Scotland, but, as I said, it is more a favour than anything else – there are no plans to take it further.’

But Dons Youth Coach Lenny Taylor was more positive about Lapira which adds a bit more weight as he has actually worked with the player before.

Lenny said of the player who has just earned his first cap with Steve Staunton`s Ireland which he was viable for through his Irish mother, ‘I coached him when I went over to America to visit Notre Dame University head coach Bobby Clark.

‘Joseph really impressed and I don’t think he’s all that far away from what we are looking for.

‘But it’s up to Joseph to convince everyone at Aberdeen he’s worth a contract although there’s no doubting his quality.

‘Bobby has also been giving him very good reports about the club because he wants the best for us.’

‘It’s great to have an association with Bobby again because he can spot top talent.

‘Bobby has promised us we’ll get the first look at the Notre Dame boys with British passports.

Good news then for Aberdeen and reassuring to note the possible link into the top talent in America had not been cut but Jimmy Calderwood has revealed that he is getting talent spotted around the globe and gets anyone and everyone involved whose judgement he trusts.

His latest talent spotter is his son Scott and he`s the guy who has uncovered Robert Fik and now Arafath Heuvel and both recommendations have resulted in the players being close to Pittodrie deals and Jimmy has spoke about what has attracted him to Heuvel.

The boss said, ‘We are brining Arafath in for a month to give the boy a chance.

‘The fact he is very quick and plays in both positions is the attraction. I phoned him and he is very keen. He was due to go on a cruise next week and the fact he has cancelled to come to Aberdeen says a lot about the lad.

‘I saw him play as a youngster and he looked as if he was going to go all the way to the top”.