Date: 24th February 2007 at 5:44pm
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Aberdeen are co-operating with Rangers to help them succeed in Europe at possibly the expense of their own European ambitions. It looks as though the Dons will agree to re-arrange their acheduled Ibrox meeting on the 17th March to allow Rangers time to recuperate from their Euro second leg when they are away to Osasuna on the 14th of March.

No doubt facing Rangers straight after such a tough Euro tie would have given the Dons an advantage but there is no question of Aberdeen denying Walter Smith`s side a re-arranged date as the Dons show their understanding of the value of any Scottish club doing well in Europe and are basically allowing Rangers to pick the date when they are best suited to play the vital fixture.

Jimmy Calderwood said ‘There’s not a hope of them being asked to play Thursday and Saturday, like we were expected to do last month.

‘That’s only right because we should all be doing what we can to help our teams when they are still involved in Europe.

‘I would prefer their European tie to be on the Wednesday and our game on the Saturday.

‘But if it isn’t, then I’m expecting the game at Ibrox to take place in April 14, which would be fine by us.

‘The Monday looks a no go because Scotland have a game the following weekend and I don’t think Alex McLeish would be too pleased.

‘As long as they come up with something that gives the Rangers players a fair break between the games, we won’t complain.’

Good to see clubs helping each other as they try to boost our Euro stature. Wish more clubs could show the same awareness and selflessness, eh Motherwell?

Sorry, please don`t write to me, I know the pies were already in the oven or something. We fully understand and see you point. It was a no brainer!! It’s pies, not points in Scottish football that counts.