Date: 28th March 2007 at 12:09pm
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A busy week for the Dons has seen many changes and plans for next season put into place.

I`ll condense them all into one report which will bring everybody up to date on the comings and goings of the Dons in what has been a busy week.

First of all is obviously the news that Gary Dempsey has decided to leave but the surprising thing is, he`s moving to be paid less money.

Dempsey has spoken of why he wishes to move to Yeovil ‘Aberdeen offered more money, but it was a footballing decision.

‘I want to play ever week and knew that wouldn’t be the case if I stayed at Pittodrie. I’m walking out on something very big at Aberdeen, the chance to play in Europe. But I didn’t want to spend most of next season on the bench.’

Jimmy has conceded defeat and wishes his player well for the future, ‘It’s disappointing to lose Gary but I understand why he is doing it, so there are no hard feelings.

‘I’ve now started the hunt for his replacement.’

Still on the contract track, Lee Mair looks like he`s passed his medical but more astonishingly, so does Karim Touzani and both should be signing two year deals this week.

Lee will sign on a Bosman and will obviously not be a replacement for the perennially injured Touzani who must be giving Calderwood a lift to training or something since he lost his driving license as he`s done nothing on the pitch to merit an extension.

Further news on injured players unsurprisingly involves Jamie Smith. The winger has been in and out of the team all season with a reoccurring groin injury and again, this looks like being an out period after only just coming back.

Darren Mackie too is a worry ahead of the Kilmarnock away match as he struggles to regain his full fitness after a heavy bout of tonsillitis.

With Rangers being punished for their sectarian chants in Europe, Departing SFA Chief David Taylor now expects a hard, new rule to be brought into Scotland that will see clubs deducted points for racist, sectarian or anti-social chants.

Taylor said ‘If the planned rule changes go through it will be possible to deduct points for that sort of behavior.’

With Aberdeen having songs that certainly fall into the anti-social bracket, let`s hope the fans get the message clear and early that these songs can be no longer tolerated.

n a brighter subject, it looks like many Aberdeen fans will be spending their summer holidays in sunny Egypt as the Dons have agreed to play in a five team tournament which could feature the likes of Wolves and Crystal Palace as well as the Egyptian champions.

The tournament will be between the dates of July 17-29 and held in the Alexandria area which boasts an 80,000 capacity stadium.

As well as these matches, Calderwood has hooked up glamorous games with Buckie Thistle and Cove Rangers as warm up for the Egypt adventure and a match against Inverurie Loco`s to end the pre-season when they fly home.

A week of changes and arranges for the Dons so it seems the Dons managerial team has been working over-time to sort all that out but lets hope they`ve still been putting the hours in on the training ground too as the season moves into it`s most vital stage.