Date: 26th September 2007 at 5:14pm
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It`s always a good turnout at Ibrox by Dons fans and the recent game was no different. The Aberdeen faithful are always singing loud and loving the atmosphere, but from kick-off to the ref`s final whistle not one Don`s fan sang the infamous Neil Simpson chant. It was the first time in sixteen years of Aberdeen/Rangers games that the chant had never been sang.

The chant came from (as most Aberdeen and Rangers fans will no doubt know) a Neil Simpson tackle on Rangers Iain Durrant and how that tackle hampered Durrants career some what. This took place back in 1998 and this chant alone has intensified the rivalry between the two clubs to the point when we have seen coins thrown at players, riot police making an appearance to calm the crowds down.

A moment during the match, history looked like it may repeat itself. Steven Naismith was in possession of the ball and Zander Diamond went in to clear the ball, he did so but also caught Naismith who went down hard. As a result Naismith had to be taken off the pitch (no long term damage) and Diamond was yellow carded for what looked to be a harsh challenge but if you were to look at it again you can see that he won the ball and was unfairly judged by the referee. Had Aberdeen won that game on Sunday and that Naismith`s injury was long term maybe Don`s fans would be singing an altered version of that legendary chant for years to come.

For the record I doubt all that much that Neil Simpson is pleased that Don`s fans still sing about that faithful day way back. Personally I miss the appearance of Fernando Rickson in the Rangers side, there were so many songs/chants dedicated to him that were fan favourites “The hills are alive with the sound of ?.!”

Finally I hope it is the end of the “Who`s that lying at Pittodrie?!” lets move on, there`s plenty of other Rangers players to ridicule and Aberdeen players to immortalise.

By Simon Costigan