Date: 4th May 2007 at 8:22pm
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Jimmy Calderwood launched a bit of a swipe at Hearts foreign legion which he thinks have been an unwelcome addition to our game.

Aberdeen have got as far as they have this season using a squad of around 25 players and they are predominantly Scots and many home grown, half of what Hearts have used and Jimmy hopes that this type of set-up can get his club into Europe for the first time in five years and prove that success is still achievable the traditional way.

It`s a huge match and Jimmy hopes that the neutral observers see the progress he has made with his Scottish boys and hope this can inspire others.

Jimmy said: ‘We will have at least eight or nine Scots in from the start, so it would be good for the country.

‘It would let people see you can get success if you show more faith in some of our own lads.

‘It might inspire other clubs to do the same and that would be good for the Scottish game in the long term.’

‘I would rather work with Scottish or British players any day,’

‘Hearts have the money and contacts to do things a different way and good luck to them.

‘It means they have about 50 players now, many of them internationals.

‘It makes our task on Sunday all the bigger but I’m sure our Scots will relishing the challenge.’

Jimmy is trying to make light of the fact that his best and most influential player Russell Anderson is suspended for the match and it may be more in hope than belief when he says,

‘We have good enough players to handle Russell not being involved.

‘Karim, Zander Diamond and Andrew are very capable central defenders.

‘I could also slot Scott Severin in there depending on the system we play.

‘It’s not as big a headache as people seem to think.’

When asked about the possibility of Touzani playing, Calderwood brushed off any concerns people may have about a player who has only played six times this season when he said

Karim has the mentality to cope with a game like this one,’ he said.

‘He played for Ajax and Utrecht in bigger games in Holland, so Karim would relish the chance to take part.’

Whilst it has been proven that Scottish teams can be successful when playing only Scots players, Jimmy dilutes his point a bit by having recently had extensive scouting missions to Holland and links to players in America and England.

Whilst there is no doubt he is proud to field so many Scots and finds them capable, it’s also apparent that he would love to find a couple of players of special quality to add to his team to take them to the next level.

Every manager would love to have a few foreign internationalists in their squad, Calderwood is no different but Jimmy is right to appreciate the qualities his band of home growns have given him as it’s their attributes such as their unity, desire, passion and determination that have got the club back to at least competing for European places again.

We’ll soon see if it’s been good enough to take them further.