Date: 6th May 2008 at 6:46pm
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Something on everybody’s lips after this season of incredible highs and incredible lows is do we expect too much? This season has been by far the most inconsistent in memory.

On the positive side we have reached two domestic semi-finals, progressed further than anyone in Europe expected in the UEFA Cup and qualified for the top 6, while still chasing 3rd spot.

On the other hand we have disgraced ourselves in both those semi-finals, scraped into the top 6 at the last possible opportunity and are 12 points behind where we were at this stage last season.

The biggest mistake of this season however was not adding to our squad when we could. In January, we were only a few points behind 3rd, looking forward to a CIS Cup semi-final, in a Scottish Cup quarter-final, still in the UEFA Cup and getting ready to play against Bayern Munich. In the transfer window we could have added quality to our squad and where we needed it. A cover for left back, a central defender to partner Diamond, a natural winger and a first class goalscorer. But what did we do? We did bring in quality in Alan Maybury and Josh Walker, but also brought in another ‘utility man’ in Dundee United reject Stuart Duff and unknown Dutch reject Dave Bus.

But instead of adding then, we’re looking at another ‘summer clearout’ and bringing in every man and his dog that won’t cost money and will play for peanuts. Who wants to come to a club who won nothing last season, aren’t in Europe and have no training facilities? No one with quality and/or a brain that’s for sure.

In the CIS Cup, nearly 10’000 Aberdeen fans made the midweek trip down to Tynecastle. Everyone was up for it, the atmosphere was electric, we were 90 minutes away from a return to Hampden…and we got humped 4-1. The attitude of the players was disgusting. No one cared. And the blatant evidence of this is the fact we went one up and didn’t even look like pulling one back after United’s 2nd. The fact is that United wanted it more, and as Al Pacino would say ‘in any fight, it’s the guy who’s willing to die who’s gonna win that inch’ and that’s what United did.

In the Scottish Cup semi-final, 107 coaches of Aberdeen fans made the trip down to Hampden to try and roar their team into the final. But deja vu. Aberdeen thought they only had to turn up to win but they didn’t turn up. To lose a semi-final to a lower division team, let alone conceding 4 goals to one, is an absolute disgrace.

The football that we are playing is more useful than a lullaby. Our team of ‘professionals’ can’t string 3 passes together and can’t pass 10 yards to feet. John Hughes has got a bunch of nobodies at Falkirk doing it, so why can’t Calderwood with the so called 3rd force in Scottish football?

Of course, on paper it looks brilliant. On the brink of Europe, two semi-finals and the last 32 of the UEFA Cup. However, that is the cover of the book.

I don’t expect us to be setting football alight with silky skills and 60 yard long balls landing on the chest of a striker making a diagonal run. If I did I’d support Arsenal. I don’t expect us to be winning cups each and every season. But what I don’t ACCEPT is conceding 8 goals in two semi-finals and scraping into the top six.

If we accept these things, that’s what we’re going to get. And that’s exactly what happened at the likes of Dunfermline. WE ARE the 3rd force in Scottish football so why are we 6th with two games remaining and why are Queen of the South in the Scottish Cup final?

What I expect is European qualification every season, whatever it takes to get there, a cup final however diddy, entertaining football and pride in the colours.

Am I asking for too much?