Date: 30th April 2007 at 9:19pm
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Far from it being another replica of Bebeto`s famous celebration when Barry Nicholson hit home from the spot against Kilmarnock on Saturday, he was honouring his new baby boy with his strike.

Bebeto made the “rocking the baby” celebration famous in the 1994 World Cup. His wife had delivered their third child just days before a quarterfinal match against Holland. After the striker scored, Bebeto ran to the sideline, brought his arms together and began rocking an imaginary baby. Teammates Rom├írio and Mazinho quickly joined in to create one of the most famous goal celebrations in World Cup history.

Nicholson was not just another imitator of the popular move, he had good reason to pull it off in front on the Merkland after he scored Saturday`s crucial first goal.

‘My wife Beth asked me to do some sort of celebration for Noah if I scored,’ he said.

‘He’s just six weeks old but was at Pittodrie for the game along with my daughter Maya who is three.

‘It was good to score especially as it put us in front so early in the game, and getting the first goal is always important.

‘I was happy to take the penalty and was always confident about sticking it in. I’m glad my family were there to see it.

‘We can now go to Tynecastle to face Hearts with confidence on Sunday because we’ve got a good record there.’

And if Barry scored there, who cares which way he celebrates just as long as he still is come the final whistle.