Date: 11th October 2007 at 5:58pm
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The Dons want the Red Army to help them find the fan who shamed them in the Ukraine.

Writes the Evening Express.

Beer? Fair enough. Smokes? Health and safety, okay. Flags? Taking the oceanic abyss, right? Fans adding to the atmosphere? Go shove your…

I was shocked, shocked, when I read a story on the Evening Express website about an appeal for members of the red army to name and ‘shame’ a fellow member of the red army that lit a flare at the Meteor Stadium last Thursday. It was partially hidden under a flag and according to BBC Sport it was also thrown onto the pitch.

First of all, the flare was lit near the bottom left corner of the Aberdeen section where two poly strips were being surfed, separate to where the Aberdeen fans were gathered.

Secondly, it wasn’t thrown onto the pitch which was about three miles away from the away fans. Infact, not even onto the bit separating the two. It was lit, held up for approximately half a minute before being dropped on the ground and dying out.

Thirdly, perhaps UEFA are investigating the wrong thing? Many Dons fans claim they arrived home in Aberdeen with match ticket still fresh in the wallet. And what about the ‘two-stick’ in the Dnipro end shown live to thousands of viewers across the world showing a white stickman, presumably a member of the KKK, chasing a black one. Or the flag with ‘Come on you James Blunts‘.

And why did RedTV proudly display the images in The Dnipro Diary?

Why is, as the Evening Express mentioned at least 100 times, the fan who lit the flare an idiot and disgrace?

What is wrong with the flare after all? It is only adding to the atmosphere and general fun of going to a football match.

So many things don’t add up and only a dogpile of factually incorrect reports have led to this investigation.

The whole things a joke and I hope to hear no more on this story but if I do, it better be an apology from the media.