Date: 21st July 2008 at 1:11pm
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I did in fact write a 20 minute article/rant after the Peterhead game but seemed to forget to press submit before closing my browser. The gist of it was a knee-jerk Jimmy must go sort of thing. But you know how it is when you wake up the next morning and it doesn’t seem that bad after all. But this result was an exception. 4-0…FOUR NIL! Only a friendly, okay. Who cares?! We lost 4-0 to Peter-effing-head! To add insult to injury, before the match Peterhead cancelled their upcoming friendly with Huntly due to 8 regular first team players being out through injury. AND, 4 players who were in the Aberdeen squad last season, deemed not good enough by Aberdeen and given away, were playing for Peterhead.

You may also notice in the result ‘4-0’ that Aberdeen scored 0. Yes, after three pre-season games, Aberdeen have failed to find the net, two of those games being against lower division sides. The fact we didn’t score against Peterhead kind of eased the pain that we didn’t score against Dundee. Like when you’re hurting in one place, then taking one to another and forgetting about the original.

Anyway, tonight Aberdeen play Brechin at Glebe Park at 7:45pm. New signing Charlie Mulgrew is expected to feature but Lee Miller, our only actual striker, and Stuart Fudd, I mean er…Duff are both out. I will be going (depending on whether my cousin gets off work in time) and hopefully the Dons can kick start their er…pre-season with a bag load of goals and some entertaining but most of all ATTACKING football. A solid defensive performance wouldn’t go a miss either and with news that Zander Diamond should be fit and back in the side, hopefully there will be no repeats of the Peterhead scoreline.

So far whatever Jimmy’s being doing, and only he knows, has not worked. Firstly, Stuart Duff is not a right back, or defender for that matter, so if he’s playing it should be in midfield. Lee Mair is quite frankly crap so get him tae you know what too. Mackie couldn’t score if he was 2 yards out and all he had to do was make contact and it would go on (beautifully demonstrated at Hibs last season). And Chris Maguire doesn’t belong on a football pitch.

So from what I’ve seen the starting XI should look a bit like:


S.Smith Diamond Considine Mulgrew

DeVisscher McDonald Severin Pawlett Young


However, this is Jimmy Calderwood we’re talking about so forget that and let’s play the yes men again:


Duff Diamond Considine Foster

DeVisscher McDonald Severin J.Smith

Mackie Maguire

Yes it’s a friendly again but this I think now is an important match for Aberdeen and Calderwood. A loss or us not finding the net and Jimmy really will be on thin ice with supporters when the team travel to Holland.

I’ve never been to Glebe Park before but I found this little guide on the internet for any other first timers.