Date: 8th May 2007 at 9:28pm
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Jimmy Calderwood is an unhappy man.

espite his team playing very well at Tynecastle on Sunday, he is unable to shake the injustice he feels that his team had to line-up against Laryea Kingston.

aryea Kingston had been sent of for a well earned second caution that he received after a wreckless lunge that saw Barry Nicholson left will two broken shoulder blades.

ingston then proceeded to call the referee a racist as he felt he was being victimized, unknowing that the match’s referee Steve Conroy is married to a coloured woman.

t`s not Kingston personally that Jimmy feels resentment towards but the fact the law can be exploited and Hearts chose to use that loophole when Kingston had already admitted the charge.

immy feels his team could be cheated if the influential Kingston, although kept quiet against Aberdeen, is allowed to play in the remaining matches against Hibs and Kilmarnock.

n angered Jimmy said ‘We all want to win but certain things happen which should not be appealed.

Kingston admitted his offence, he even apologised and received a three-match ban.

It’s there in black and white yet Hearts exploited a loophole.

The player might not even be in Scotland next season so where is the punishment?

Rules are rules and some other clubs might have done the same as Hearts but I wouldn’t appeal such a clear-cut case.

I’ve nothing against Kingston but he attacked a referee’s integrity yet our captain Russell Anderson, our best player, was banned because of a foul.

Mr Conroy was down to be fourth official at Tynecastle but was replaced. Does that mean he can’t handle Hearts matches?

A club shouldn’t be able to appeal seven weeks after the offence. It should be heard within a week, a decision reached and the issue settled.’

Some fair points I reckon by the Dons manager but I`m not convinced he wouldn`t have used the law this way to his own advantage if he felt it would be beneficial to him, especially in such an important match.

Regardless, it does seem like a law that should be addressed for the future considering Kingston may leave before he serves any ban and now the loophole has been uncovered, the SFA must try and stop such a controversial incident happening again.