Date: 4th June 2007 at 10:22am
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After the launch night when a dozen or so ropey lassies were locked in their dungeon for the next two months, I was, in the absence of any football to watch, intrigued to see which guy would be unlucky enough to be pitched in with the gaggle of wenches.

To mine and no doubt the rest of the countries surprise, in walked Aberdeen’s hard working but not scoring enough goals from right midfield, Chris Clark as the solitary ‘alpha male’.

A conspiracy theory then started to unfold which involved Big Brother bosses making sure the ref at the Hearts match inexplicably booked Clark instead of Daz Mackie to confirm he’d miss the Rangers final match through a ban and go into hiding so he could take part in the show.

Quite an elaborate plot but one which was completely destroyed the minute he opened his mouth and revealed he was more Cliff Richard sounding than even the God-loving singer is.

And so the ‘hunk’ revealed himself to be Zac Lichman, a former singer in a band named Northern Line (Northern Lights maybe?)and the end to the thought that some of our stars would be making an appearance on live TV, spending the summer taking part in did they, didn’t they? romps under the duvet and completing various meaningless challenges etc.

All that makes no sense of course if you don’t think the guy in the house looks like Chris Clark but he does, he really, really does.

Don’t you think?

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