Date: 31st May 2008 at 5:56pm
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It is the question many of us football fans don’t know the answer to. What does come first – your local or national team? It certainly is a tricky one, well, depending on your circumstances. If you are a full time supporter of both, like myself, then it is.

However, there are those who never attend, or sometimes even bother to watch, national games. Yet when they do something out of the ordinary, hump France home and away for example, all of a sudden they’re flying Saltires out their car windows and getting it right up their office which is full of Englishmen.

It sometimes doesn’t even make sense. Following Aberdeen, I will use the dodgy areas of Glasgow against the Old Firm, the heroine usage against Hearts and Hibs, the pregnancy rate against Dundee United. Yet when it comes to arguments with our southern neighbours, I will do everything I can to defend these places.

Your club is the 11 men you follow 3/4 of the year. The team you pay up to 30 pounds to sit and watch in the driving rain in a soulless stadium. The team who can be so inconsistent you wonder if there’s anything going on behind the scenes. Yet the team you stick with for a reason unknown to man.

The national team is the team that you may stand and watch alongside people you give dogs abuse at other stadiums in the country. That you wouldn’t dare celebrate a goal with if it was scored by any other team than the national team. The team that, for 90 minutes, creates a truce between you and the rest of the people in the stadium.

To me, it is undoubtedly more fun following Scotland than it is Aberdeen. The atmosphere is better, the fans are less aggresive towards their own players, and the players are always playing to their absolute best for their country’s colours. Plus, the players aren’t being paid ludicrous sums of money to do so.

With Aberdeen, we see players you’re sure you’re better than, beind paid incredible amounts of money to do what you’d love, and most of the time not even give 100% to the cause.

For me, I put club ahead of country. I could only decide it using eeny-meeny-miney-mo though because I can’t choose. Club or country? Leave your answer below.