Date: 24th March 2007 at 11:28am
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Following on from the unlikely praise he received from Scott Severin, Kris Boyd now has the backing of none other than Denis Law.

The Scottish legend is a fan of the Rangers hitman and wants him to go on and become the greatest Scottish striker ever and to better the 30 goals he and Kenny Dalglish have scored for the national team as they stand top of the national charts.

he Lawman expects Kris to be partnered by Kenny Miller in a Scotland attack that he believes has many goals in it.

e said: ‘Kenny and Kris are both good goal scorers and have done marvellous when they’ve played for Scotland.

I would expect them to get a couple of goals between them against Georgia. From what I have seen of Boyd it’s clear he’s a goalscorer.

He has a clinical edge when he gets in front of goal and once he gets a sight of goal there’s a fair chance the ball’s going to end up in the back of the net.

I look at him and see a player who knows his job. Goals win games and scoring is the hardest part of football.

He’s going to continue to prove his worth to Scotland.

I’ve looked at him closely and he has a natural ability to score goals and it’s a rare quality which should be treasured by Scotland.

Critics will always be there in football but Boyd’s goal record is the perfect answer to these people.

The lad’s scoring ratio is phenomenal and at the rate he’s going my own record with Scotland is well within his range.

I’m an Aberdeen supporter and I was watching teletext last weekend when he scored three goals in the first half-hour against my team so I had to switch off the TV.

Fortunately he only got to three but it’s another indication of how lethal he can be.’

he former Huddersfield, Manchester City, Manchester United and Torino legend is delighted to have big Alex McLeish in charge of the national setup. It`s obvious he was no fan of our little German manager but insists that McLeish must be given time to take Scotland forward.

he King said: ‘We all wanted a Scotsman to manage Scotland and I felt there was not the same passion with a foreign manager in charge.

It’s great to see Alex back as he was a successful manager with Rangers and has enjoyed a successful career as a player so he has everything going for him.

It will take a bit of time but I’m sure over a longer period he’ll prove to be a good manager for Scotland.

It’s going to be a continuation from Walter Smith in that he knows more about the Scottish players than a foreign manager would.

He knows what he’s got and he knows what he’s going to get.

It’s always important to have someone like Alex leading the team as he’s full of passion but we all know it’s going to be difficult.

Qualifying for these tournaments is more difficult than when you actually get to the tournament itself.

We’re up against some of the best teams in Europe but let’s hope they get a result on Saturday.’

enis won the European Footballer of the Year Award in 1964 and hit 30 goals for the national team in only 55 appearances so he`s well judged to speak of the impact today`s crowd can have in such an important match despite the fact that seating has more than halved the crowds he played in front of.

enis said ‘I hope we can win and it’s always nice to play at home in front of your own supporters. In the old days there were 130,000 fans and you can imagine the atmosphere. Now it’s been shortened to 52,000 but they can still make a fantastic noise.

The Hampden crowd can lift you and I know how it feels to have them behind you it’s the best feeling in the world.

It makes you feel about eight-foot tall and if you’re winning then you grow to 10 foot tall.

The bottom line is that we need to start qualifying for things. We’ve made a great start and that’s the important thing.

I’m sure a lot of people are surprised at how well we’re placed as the way things were going we were just getting lower and lower.

But we’ve given ourselves a chance and it’s like anything in life where you get success, it makes you feel so much better about things.

We’ve had that in the last few games and if we can keep it going for a few more then we’ll qualify.

e’ll be going for a win and I hope we get it.’

enis also cast his eye over the state of British football and can see Scotland actually progressing ahead of our biggest rivals in the long run as the constant influx of foreigners to the Premiership makes it mark on the English national team. He can see Scotland having come through the mass foreign invasion as we now go back to developing quality players ourselves.

e said: ‘There was an era when Scotland had some of the best players in the world but although that’s no longer the case it’s the same story with other nations.

The current Brazil side isn’t a patch on the team of yesteryear. You can go through a load of countries and say they no longer have the players but you need to make the most of what you have.

The English Premiership has so many foreign players that they will be struggling in a few years’ time.

The players just won’t be there and Scotland have had that problem. But we now have young players coming through and that’s what we need, they weren’t there two or three years ago.

There was no light at the end of the tunnel but now we have a few good players and that’s so important.

We can’t lose the game. Although a draw isn’t a great result we can’t come out of the match with anything less than that.’