Date: 23rd July 2007 at 12:27pm
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Don`t get too worried about the teams poor results out in Egypt, pre-season is designed to test the squad and gear them up for the real deal of another SPL season.

It`s disappointing that Aberdeen have missed the chance to sell themselves out there in Africa against popular opposition in terms of football ability but it has increased the clubs stock in terms of raising the profile and hopefully the tough matches in the heat will have their benefits when the season starts for real on August the 4th.

Jimmy Calderwood seems to think so as he told RedWeb ‘I have been in pre-season so many times as a manager and as a player. At the end of the day it is all about what happens at Tannadice on the opening day. That is the most important thing.’

Obviously that`s very true but surely his as yet undecided defence will be tested then even more than out in Egypt where they have conceded five goals in two games with new number one Derek Soutar only having the experience of having played one match on tour as he is probably out of tonight`s match

But Jimmy is unconcerned about the sloppy goals lost in Egypt and is confident that the team will get it right when he said, ‘I am not bothered about that. If you look at our defensive record of the last three years, and I know we had a great captain playing there, but as a team defensively we are normally very strong.

Aberdeen have played two matches so far and only Scott Severin has played in both so it is very unlikely that Calderwood has set out his best team as he has been forced to deploy players away from their favoured positions with the aim of giving everyone a chance.

And do remember Hearts, Rangers and Celtic have all had rotten results against teams nearly as equally unknown as the opposition Aberdeen have faced so in the end it all boils down to what the managers and players take from pre-season and if Jimmy is happy then Aberdeen fans can be confident of a good season ahead.