Date: 16th July 2008 at 2:50pm
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Well I set off from Perth with my cousin to go to Dundee at about 6pm. I had deliberated for a few minutes whether to take my ‘lucky scarf’, the same scarf that had travelled with me to Queen’s Park and Queen of the South. In the end I decided I may as well. As we headed up the A90 with my scarf flapping wildly out the sunroof, my cousin said ‘if we don’t win this one then something’s seriously wrong’. Too right.

Consciously misusing his gran’s disabled sticker we parked on a double yellow about 100 metres from the Bob Shankly stand. I knew there was a large Aberdeen support planning on travelling but with the police presense outside the ground you would have thought the Queen was attending the game.

We eventually took our seats near the top of the stand. I looked around at the old away day favourite and nostalgic shivers ran down my spine. As I daydreamed and my eyes focused on the gravel behind the goal I was sure I saw the ghost of Zerouali dancing in the puddles at Dens.

Coincidentally enough the keeper on the receiving end of Zero’s hat-trick that day was now in goals for Aberdeen, Jamie Langfield. He was the first of a strong 11 named by Jimmy Calderwood (even though we have little more than 11 players).

Anyway, the game. It was real end to end stuff. Yeah, from one side of the pitch to the other, with no moving forward. Basically, no-one has any tricks. None whatsoever. No stepovers, no cutting inside, not even a basic drop of the shoulder. Last season Calderwood was making them punt it up to Miller and hope for the best. In an incredibly strong wind and on grass fit for cows, can professional footballers not work it out for themselves to play it on the deck?

There was absolutely no attacking threat. We had 0 shots on target. Yes, I did not just accidentally press 0 instead of 9. 0. 0. Against Dundee. A first division team. Lee Miller hit the post in the first 5 minutes with a header to finish off a wonderful move and that was the only time the Dundee keeper had to move. There is no confidence in front of goal. No-one wants to have a shot, not realising even if it does dribble out sorrily for a goal kick, at least they tried and the fans will praise them for that.

Maguire has definitely been in the gym this summer. Yet he’s still a fairy and is still sh*te. There was one point when he lost the ball when a few others were waiting for it so he went down and held his ankle, before quickly changing it to his head and then back to his ankle. Unfortunately for him this was right in front of the Aberdeen support, who realised this, and politely informed him he should get up.

I was unhappy with everyone’s performance bar one. Stuart Duff was my man of the match. He seemed to have an endless supply of energy, chased every ball and played it mainly along the deck.

The Aberdeen support was, as always, absolutely fantastic. I couldn’t tell exactly because all the Aberdeen fans were packed together while the Dundee fans were spread out but to me it looked like the away support outnumbered the home. There was a few good sing-songs and Dens is the perfect ground for an atmosphere, just a pity no-one goes I guess. I can’t imagine life in division one and last night reminded me of my respect for lower divisions fans.

Aberdeen seriously need a new/another goalkeeper, left back, centre back, right back and goalscorer (and Maguire isn’t the answer).