Date: 9th May 2008 at 11:58am
Written by:

After one of my usual post-match rants on the messageboards after defeat to Queen of the South, I received many replies with the typical sarcastic ‘bring back the Skovdahl and Paterson days eh’ comments. I was struggling for a comeback until I thought to myself, the Skovdahl days? What was so bad about them?

First of all, in three seasons, Skovdahl got us to two cup finals, which were unfortunately against either side of the Old Firm and got us into Europe through the league too. Calderwood on the other hand, has failed to get us into a cup final in 4 seasons and has qualified for Europe once, although he has finished in the top 6 each season.

Secondly, the football that we played under Skovdahl was more (not much, but definitely more) entertaining than it is now. There were a few players that could really knock the ball around compared to the current lot who seem actually incapable of passing the ball directly to each other’s feet.

Third, the players that we had were more entertaining. Flair players. Players such as the late Zerouali. Calderwood hasn’t been able to bring any cult heroes like Zero to Aberdeen, generally because they’re all Dutch amateurs or used to play for Dunfermline.

Fourth, Skovdahl had a good relationship with the fans. Skovdahl, unlike Calderwood, would not blame the fans for a defeat, or for a bad string of results, or for a centre forward not scoring in 5 or 6 months. Infact, Skovdahl was so popular with the red army, 7-0 down at Parkhead the faithful were blaring out ‘One Ebbe Skovdahl’.

But lastly, who will ever forget ‘Statistics are like mini-skirts. They give you good ideas but hide all the important parts.’

So anyway, ‘bring back the Skovdahl days eh’? Okay.