Date: 21st June 2007 at 8:10am
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One prospect that seems as unlikely as Jamie Langfield and Robert Fik being invited round to Jimmy Calderwood`s house for a nice little cup of tea is the proposal by Aberdeen director Duncan Fraser that Pittodrie should again be licensed to sell alcohol on a match day.

Fans have been legally unable to drink at games since 1980 after Rangers and Celtic fans clashed at that year`s Hampden Scottish Cup Final and a ban was enforced but now after the revelation that rugby fans will be allowed booze at the Scotland Internationals, cries for a re-introduction of being allowed a pint at the match are being heard from the top heads in the Scottish game.

Lex Gold, chairman of the SPL has seen the potential revenue alcohol sales could generate and thinks the ban should be reviewed in after rugby was given the go-ahead.

Gold said to the Scottish Sun, ‘What has happened in relation to rugby is unfair.

‘We believe that there should be a pilot exercise involving our clubs.

‘We would take it stage by stage, but the approach to say that rugby fans are better behaved than football fans is one that we would challenge.’

Dons director Duncan said ‘We want football fans to be treated the same way as rugby supporters.’ But he was realistic enough to add ‘It certainly won’t be in place by next season’.

However, it is possibly in the pipeline. It seems quite incredible that alcohol could again be permitted again since the recent heavy clampdown of singing, standing etc at matches as booze fuelled supporters would certainly be more likely to flaunt the new rules imposed as well as the other more historically documented crimes.

Although a pint at the match would be pretty nice to toast a Dons victory.

Generally, Scottish fans of the national team can behave themselves after a bucketful but club supporters don`t have the same record. It has been 27 years since they were allowed to prove that perhaps they have changed and beer and football can mix.

So what`s your verdict?

Should booze be allowed in the stadiums or should it remain dry to save any more trouble?

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