Date: 17th May 2008 at 9:00am
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Well, before we get to the serious stuff I’ll start on the chants. As far as I’m aware, last season or the one before, UEFA told Rangers they were on their last warning after their fans sung sectarian and bigoted songs in European games. The rules of sectarian singing didn’t and don’t seem to be that obvious though. Does it apply to just inside the stadium or outside too? Because if UEFA want, they can write a letter to BBC or Sky News asking for footage from 14th May, because in every live broadcast the reporter is surrounded by Rangers fans singing over him with their various party tunes. Now, when Aberdeen go to Ibrox, the Glasgow press would build up the whole game around Aberdeen fans singing songs about that disaster which don’t exist. And once that truth was exposed they then started to make a big thing about songs about that leg break. That isn’t sung either and they still claim it is! So why are we not seeing anything Glasgow press?

Now, unless you’ve been locked up in an Austrian cellar for the past 3 days, you will have seen pictures of the city of Manchester. The Rangers fans have left Manchester looking like the bottom of a bin. Show this picture to Howard Hughes and he may drop dead on the spot. You can’t walk anywhere without your leg brushing against rubbish.

But even that doesn’t have anything on what else these ‘fans’ did. Firstly, have a look here. Have a look at the video ‘CCTV Footage’. Police are outnumber about 2000:1 and the Rangers support are just hurling every object they pass at the few officers. The policeman appears to be struck by an object and falls to the ground and the Rangers support all try and get a piece of the action. I don’t really need to describe it, as I’m sure you’ll agree with me, it’s just sickening. But with that footage, you can still get the usual ‘the police started it’ excuses. So if that’s not enough for your Rangers supporting work colleague, show him/her this. Another video that speaks for itself. The Rangers fans are basically just going around and destroying everything in their sight, including an expensive looking sports car.

We’ve all had our laughs on the various Aberdeen forums of unfortunate Rangers fans, especially this one, but not after we’d read that story. A convicted murderer. It just shows who else may have been in those crowds on Wednesday night.

Inside the City of Manchester Stadium a Zenit St Petersburg fans was stabbed. Yes STABBED, in the back. I dread to think what’s in the Russian press just now, because imagine had it been the other way around, what would be in our papers?

Along with destroying half of Manchester, the Rangers support may have just destroyed the reputation of Scottish football fans world wide. They will, according to all four corners of Manchester, never be welcomed back.

Rangers Football Club and fans continue to say it’s just a ‘minority’. What is a minority to these people? To me a minority is tens or hundreds, not 10-20’000 people. And the thing is, I don’t care if it’s a minority or the majority, RANGERS HAVE TO RID THESE PEOPLE FROM THEIR SUPPORT.

All this and UEFA say they can’t do anything. They CAN, SHOULD and HAVE TO. The thing is, if they ban Rangers from Europe for next season, Rangers and the sensible Rangers fans will turn against these people and do much more to ensure they do not attach themselves to Rangers Football Club.


Do you live in Manchester or were in Manchester on Wednesday night? Did you see what went on or have seen the mark Rangers fans have left? Leave us a comment.