Date: 14th April 2008 at 5:27pm
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Well, what can I say? Disgraceful. That’s what. Never have I seen such a gutless, spineless performance in my decade and a bit of following Aberdeen. Two semi finals, eight goals conceded. UNACCEPTABLE.

We have to start somewhere, so I think it’s sensible to start at the back, inbetween the sticks. Jamie Langfield is a fantastic goalkeeper but prone to the odd howler. Derek Soutar is a howler prone to the odd bit of goalkeeping. For the first goal, McCann floated in a long free-kick. As a goalkeeper, you have a decision to make – are you sure you’re going to catch it or will you punch the ball into the opposition’s half? Soutar did neither, and the presence of one of the Queens’ players seemed to do enough to put him off and drop the ball at the feet of Andy Aitken. As if Soutar hadn’t done enough for Queens yet, he managed to deflect Tosh’s effort into the top corner, past the three Dons behind him. Onto Queens’ second, and once again Soutar played a part in the build up to the goal. Stewart outpaced Diamond and instead of coming out to narrow the angle or dive onto the ball like goalkeepers are taught in primary 6, Soutar stood like a statue on the line, allowing Stewart to cross the ball to Burns, who at second attempt had the ball in the net. I won’t be too harsh on Derek and I’ll let him off with the 3rd but questions must be asked again for the 4th. Much like the 2nd, Stewart found himself with only Soutar to beat and instead of coming out to narrow the angle, Soutar was motionless on his line as if the music had stopped in Musical Statues. TV replays showed Soutar began his dive after the ball hit the net.

Moving forward to the back four and Alan Maybury, whose performances against Celtic in the previous round almost gave him the keys to the city, has to hold his hands up and take the blame along with Soutar for Queens’ winner. Three Aberdeen defenders went for a header in the box, none of them won it and the ball fell to Maybury’s man Stewart who happily took his chance. Ball watching at it’s finest.

This paragraph is dedicated to Jackie McNamara. I could describe his performance simply by saying 14’000 Aberdeen fans gave ironic cheers when he was hooked on the hour mark. The ex-Celt is quite frankly, too slow, too fat and too old. He was posted missing for Queens’ third and for the whole time he was on the park looked like a man running up the down escalators. As far as the red army is aware he can stay in Glasgow where he belongs. Undoubtedly the biggest disappointment of the season after such great expectations with his experience.

Onto the midfield and on to the supposed captain of our football club, Scott Severin. Every pass he made ended up right at the feet of an opposition player. Captains are meant to set an example and it’s a good argument that the Dons’ failure in the league this season has been down to the captain setting a bad example and players not having someone to look to to be shown how it’s done. Captains are also the ones that are meant to keep the heads up when things go wrong and not once have I seen Seve do that this season. A prime example is Dave Bus at Caley a few weeks ago. Bus looked confident and was getting stuck in all the way up to his unfortunate own goal and not a single player went up to him after it and told him to forget it and get on with things, leading to him being subbed at half time.

Up front and straight onto Chris Maguire. Almost the opposite of McNamara, he is too young, too lightweight and can’t or doesn’t shoot. His headers won to headers lost ratio was approximately 24:1, the one he won having gone straight out of play. He said in the local paper he wasn’t confident SO WHY DIDN’T HE HAVE A SINGLE SHOT THE WHOLE GAME?

It’s not only the players that have questions to answer, it’s the manager too. Firstly, why, after Soutar’s own goal and all round bad performance last week, was he not dropped? Langfield was after the Bayern drubbing. Double standards if you ask me.

Secondly, why, after Ricky Foster having arguably his best season yet playing in left back last season, has Calderwood moved him to right midfield to make space for the anonymous McNamara? He is clearly not a right midfielder and McNamara clearly isn’t a footballer. Aberdeen have been through a ridiculous 18 different defences or something like that this season. CHOOSE A DEFENCE AND STICK WITH IT UNTIL THE END OF THE SEASON.

And where has Josh Walker gone? He wasn’t even on the bench! Why is the hopeless Scott Severin getting the nod game after game ahead of the England youth team captain? The lad was playing week in week out until the Killie game when Calderwood took him off after about 20 minutes and he didn’t even look at the boss as he walked straight down the tunnel. I have a feeling a few words were exchanged after that incident.

If not Walker, then what about Touzani? He has proved to be a quality holding midfielder and the Dons have only lost once in his 14 starts. He also allows Severin and all the other midfielders to push forward. So why isn’t he getting a game?!

Another exclusion from the squad was Steve Lovell. He has the best goals to games ratio at the club yet Calderwood seems to persist with the likes of Mackie and Maguire, Mackie having not scored a league goal this season and Maguire only three weeks or so ago scoring his first goal a year and a half!

The players’ attitude on Saturday was nothing short of appalling and at the end of the day it was the team that wanted it more that’s going to Hampden in May.

But the facts are CALDERWOOD buys the players, CALDERWOOD trains them, CALDERWOOD tells them how to improve and CALDERWOOD is the one that can do something about it. Therefore CALDERWOOD takes the blame for defeat.

107 coaches of Aberdeen fans let down. How many more times will we say this before this fat clown they call our manager is given the boot?

Congratulations all Queen of the South supporters and on behalf of the red army, good luck in the final.