Date: 7th April 2015 at 3:52pm
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Would the Premiership pan out any different if the decision to award a foul against Jonny Hayes in the game against Partick on Saturday didn’t come? Aberdeen’s bid to catch Celtic probably wouldn’t change but it doesn’t mean that Hayes doesn’t feel ‘robbed of the chance’ to have won the game.

Haynes has told the Evening Express that the referee awarded a foul against him because his ‘foot was high’ but also told him that both his, and Patrick’s Frederic Frans, feet were high!

If that’s the case he, quite rightly, doesn’t see how a foul could be awarded against him? As it was it denied him the chance to go through to probably score what would have been the winner at Pittodrie…. Quite rightly he’s questioned Kevin Clancy’s decision and accused Frans of going down too easily.

‘The explanation given was that both our feet were high. If that’s the case, I don’t see how you can give a free-kick one way or the other.

‘The boy’s gone down and in my opinion he wasn’t even hurt. He’s got back up and walked off the pitch.

‘He’s only got the foul because he’s gone down and screamed for it. I don’t see that as reason enough to give that decision.’

Hayes went onto say that he knows we can’t be certain that he would have gone onto score but he feels confident that he would have and with just 10-minutes to play that quite possibly would have been that.

If both had feet high you can’t give a foul either way can you? Let alone against our winger, who still feels that he ‘touched the ball’ anyway and if anything if could have been a foul against the defender as he ‘missed it completely’ and even ‘took a hack’ at him, which ended up hurting himself.

Match Highlights: Click Here

You can make up your own mind on the decision by watching the highlights on the link above at around the 4-minutes mark….

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