Date: 15th October 2007 at 4:48pm
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What could the SFA conjure up now? Surely it couldn’t be any worse than the previous kits.

As the Tartan Army Message Board waited anxiously for Diadora to reveal the new 3rd top, up popped the inevitable discussions about the hideous shirts of the past.

The post box red of ’82. The series of suspiciously hooped shirts from then on till ’88. The blinding red, blue, white, pink, orange, green, violet oh god knows of 1990. The open cut away kit of ’92 followed by the striped pink shirt of ’93. The last of the Umbro away kits single blue hoop on pink from ’99.

Incredibly, all of those came under the rule of Umbro. Fila had one dodgy striped home kit which, as soon as changed to Umbro, Scotland had a brilliant run. When Diadora came in the kits were changed to all blue home and all white away. The company hadn’t released a howler to date but what would this new 3rd kit be like?

It was stated that for once, limited meant limited and only 35000 tops had been manufactured with each given their own unique number. However, all was kept really close about the colour of the kit and just about every other detail possible.

But today at 3:33, pictures were finally released and some supporters were quick to get on the back of Diadora.

First thoughts were ‘smart as’. But after reading approximately 3 posts on the TAMB I was a bit worried about displaying this shirt next time I’m on my way to watching a Scotland game.

‘Doesn’t float my boat I’m afraid. Bit too much like Vladimir reverse taking over the SFA!’

‘As a hibs supporter I’ve been screwed over! Pre ordered it yonks ago.’

‘Is the Scotland badge fixed on with Velcro? That way it can be taken off and a Hearts badge can be put on.’

Priced at 42 quid it isn’t that overpriced although every kit in the football industry nowadays is actually massively overpriced.

I guess I’ll wait to see a bit more public reaction before grabbing hold of one myself.