Date: 28th November 2016 at 9:39pm
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The BBC’s Price Of Football survey for 2016 was released a week last Wednesday evening and as ever they looked at everything from the price of tickets through to the price of pies to determine how costs in football are changing for the supporter year on year.

Of course the Scottish Premiership figures highly in their ‘results’ but the same questions were asked of all Football clubs (albeit south of the border, Plymouth Argyle apparently declined to take part in the survey that featured 200+ odd UK and European sides and there are a couple of other omissions in the tables) and the major sides from European football were also contacted, along with Wales, Ireland and I believe for the first time ever, the English Women’s Super League took part.

Having dealt previously with Premiership headline results from the survey – please Click Here, it’s time to move onto club specific details.

This is the sixth such Price of Football survey undertaken and it does show that ticket prices in general are falling, but there are exceptions across the divisions.

So what does this mean for Aberdeen in particular.

The full results showed:

Cheapest Season Ticket:
Top Price Season Ticket: £406
Cheapest Match Day Ticket: £22
Top Price Match Day Ticket: £28
Most Popular Match Day Ticket: £21-30

* 500 tickets every game to community groups covering all ages and backgrounds.

Programme: £3
Pie: £1.95
Tea: £2.20
Adult Shirt: £50
Junior Shirt: £40

Cheapest Adult Away Ticket: £25
Top Price Adult Away Ticket: £25

In relation to the rest of the division and in general, it means Aberdeen’s prices compare as follows:

Match Day Tickets:
Cheapest – the cheapest is 4% above the Premiership average.
Most Expensive – the most expensive is 7% below the Premiership average.

Season Tickets:
Cheapest – the cheapest ticket is 9% above the Premiership average.
Most Expensive – the most expensive is 1% above the Premiership average.

Price Paid To See A Home Goal: It’s a cost of £9.93 per goal putting Aberdeen as the 4th cheapest in the Premiership on that basis.

Most Popular Ticket Price Range (Premiership): £21-30

Adult Shirt: 12% above Premiership average.
Junior Shirt: 15% above Premiership average.

Programme: £0.08 pence above the Premiership average.
Pie: £0.22 pence below the Premiership average.
Tea: £0.24 pence above the Premiership average.