Date: 17th March 2007 at 12:14am
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Club mouth Michael Hart has been speaking the words of a man confident in his own game and his teams. He`s said some big, bold words that just show how optimistic the travelling side are of smashing the ridiculous Ibrox no win in 16 years record.

In a statement that will add even more spice to the explosive clash about to kick off in Govan in a few hours, Aberdeen`s right back has taken the unusual step of comparing his team mates against that of the opposition and claims that they are not as good as his Pittodrie buddies.

Michael Hart has set himself up for some serious abuse as he piles down the right wing but he is clearly brimming with belief and has said the words that all Dons fans will love him for.

‘I really don’t fear Rangers at all,’ Michael Hart 17.3.07

Excellent Michael and neither you should because they have been playing atrociously and their pathetic end in Europe without a hint of a fight proves they have nothing like the team spirit Aberdeen are currently experiencing.

Michael has even further reasons to say ‘I really don’t fear Rangers at all,’

‘That’s because we have better players in key positions in our team than they have in theirs.

‘I would certainly rather have Jamie Smith than one of their wingers.

‘I would also rather have Craig Brewster, in the form he has shown since coming back from injury, than any striker they could play.

‘And I’m not going to name names, but I would definitely prefer to have Russell Anderson on my side than their two centre halves.

‘When you look at it like that, there’s not many in the Rangers team I would rather have in the Aberdeen line-up.

‘That’s not to say I don’t respect Rangers.

‘They have quality in some positions and will be boosted by having Barry Ferguson back for this game.

‘But if we can’t be confident after the way we have fought to get results this season then we never will be.

‘Not having won down there for so long doesn’t worry me.

‘If anything, our poor record at Ibrox puts extra pressure on Rangers.

‘Everyone will expect them to win because they normally do.

‘We are going into the game on a big high because we’ve been doing well and lost only one of our last eight games.’

It`s an impressive record but he deflates his ring of confidence just a little to rightly consider that?

‘We’ve done nothing yet,’

‘We could lose the next eight games, finish fifth and miss out on Europe altogether.

‘It’s great to be where we are at the moment.

‘When we came into the new season I doubt if anyone gave Aberdeen a chance of being in the position where we might split the Old Firm.

‘But you won’t catch me congratulating anyone until we have enough the points in the bag and have actually achieved something.’

A win tomorrow will be a serious achievement Michael and you may just have made yourself a Dons legend in the eyes of the fans.