Date: 10th June 2007 at 10:45am
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Jimmy Calderwood has spoken out further on the Jamie Langfield situation and if you thought he might have mellowed over time or take into account that it`s his players wedding day, you`re well off the mark as Jimmy is as stubborn as ever and is adamant that Langfield pays dearly for his actions, which as yet, are still not fully confirmed.

He spoke out yesterday, just hours before Jamie tied the knot with Louise Hunter and it`s clear that the newlyweds will both now face an uncertain future because of not just one incident but apparently there have been three different occasions that have combined to take the managers fury to this level.

Calderwood said yesterday, ‘Jamie’s getting married and I wish him all the best. The biggest loser is his wife because he was going to get a contract and buy a new house on the back of that.

He might still buy a house but that contract has been taken away from him. He’s done great for me here but it’s all finished now.

There’s nothing between me and Jamie. It’s a decision you have to make and it happens in football. It’s been a very hard decision because we saved his career.’

e said: ‘There have been three big things, two in the the last week of the season.

The final one was about two weeks ago. On the last two occasions Jimmy Nicholl and Sandy Clark were here also so they witnessed it.

I let it go the second time but the third time was just the final thing and we all agreed.’

Calderwood is certain that he has the backing of all at Pittodrie at all times but despite this, the club issued a statement which obviously was just trying to throw water on the situation but it did contradict the boss.

The club spokesman had said, ‘Jamie has not been put on the transfer list and I don’t know where the story comes from.

The club don’t want to comment on any alleged incident but Willie Miller plans to speak with him about a new contract after Jamie comes back from honeymoon.’

Jimmy`s side of things is totally different, he is resolute that Langfield is done at Pittodrie and that everyone there backs him and Jimmy confirmed his earlier words, ‘I phoned Willie right away. I would have made a decision anyway but I phoned up Willie and told him.

Jamie was going to get a new contract, which he deserved, and I took it off the table.

The spokesman doesn’t really need to know what is going on as long as I know what’s going on.

Willie is absolutely brilliant. Everything I decide, he is 100 per cent behind me.

He never even said anything. We just got it done.

He informed the directors and they knew what I felt about it.

There was never going to be a problem because if there was they had the problem.’

It`s all quite in the style of Sir Alex Ferguson who Jimmy can`t fail to be inspired by at Pittodrie and Calderwood is clearly keen to show he will not tolerate any nonsense from his squad as he makes an example of a man he so often publicly praised.

I obviously feel sorry for him but you have a group of players and it’s not about an individual.

If you let that go, players tend to find out about it and think they can do exactly the same thing.

You have to stamp on it right away and keep your discipline for the good of the club.

He is still the fourth goalkeeper in Scotland. Alex (McLeish) called him into the first squad but as the goalkeeper of Aberdeen you have to set certain standards for yourself.

Don’t get me wrong, I am no mug myself but you have got to set certain standards.

There have been three incidents in a short space of time. Jamie was warned after the first one and the second one and then it just came to ahead on the third one.

Contrary to opinion, it has nothing to do with us fighting each other.

It is just that, in my opinion, Jamie’s behaviour at that moment wasn’t fitting for the keeper at Aberdeen or someone who is in the Scottish international set-up.’

Langfield`s fate is banishment into the reserves with Derek Soutar in line to take his first team shirt but as Jamie still has time on his present Aberdeen deal, he`ll remain at the club until his time is served, whether he ever plays again or not, unless a transfer is organised.

Jimmy said, ‘He still has a year to go and, the club that we are and the person I am, this will be honoured. But if bids come in that will be a different matter.

If he leaves for nothing next summer that won’t bother me at all.’

If you let these kind of things go, players tend to find out about it and think they can do exactly the same’

Got anything to add?

Would you like to see Clangers re-instated as the Dons number 1 or perhaps you have something to say about the night in Magaluf that destroyed his Pittodrie career?

Would it not be best if Jamie left now to save on his wages and to get a replacement in or do you think he should stay and try and impress the manager into giving him apparently yet another chance?

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