Date: 8th June 2007 at 2:47pm
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The story goes that Jamie was out celebrating his Stag night in Magaluf and bumped into boss Jimmy Calderwood who has a holiday home on the island.

Jamie was unsurprisingly wrecked after abstaining from alcohol no doubt since the season ended and then travelling to the Faroe Islands for his Scotland call up.

With his wedding tomorrow, Jamie travelled to the notorious sunspot after the Scotland victory with pals, one of which would likely to have been Aberdeen new boy and Langfield`s best man Lee Mair, for a last couple of nights of freedom and that`s where what should have been the best week in Jamie`s life went terribly wrong.

His apparent surprise meeting with sun fan Calderwood sparked a booze fuelled row on why Calderwood knocked back £100,000 from Rangers for the ‘keeper and the argument blazed to such an extent that Jimmy Calderwood immediately told Willie Miller to withdraw the offer of a new contract and Jamie being told he can leave immediately if a decent offer comes in.

Derek Soutar has been instated as first team number one and Langfield will not wear the shirt unless it`s totally necessary.

Jimmy Calderwood has now made public his thoughts on that nights` event and why he has had to take such drastic measures on a player he rates so highly.

JC said, ‘He slipped up two or three times at the end of the season.

‘The third one was maybe just a little bit over the top.’

‘Jamie has always been more than professional, but his recent behaviour has not been in keeping with that of a first-team goalkeeper at Aberdeen,’ said Calderwood.

‘He has been disciplined and the offer of a new contract taken away from him.’

Whilst he still has a current deal and is an Aberdeen player, he remains available for selection but at the moment it appears he will only play again in the event of all other ‘keepers being unavailable.

‘He has a lot of bridges to build with myself and my assistant, Jimmy Nicholl.

‘He has made a mistake and admitted that, but the biggest losers are his wife and family.

‘He has been absolutely brilliant for us and got himself back into the Scotland squad, but it is not going to be easy for him to get back into our first-team.

‘If we don’t get an offer for him that we find acceptable and Jamie finds acceptable, and if Derek Soutar gets an injury, he might get back in.’

Langfield gave his side to the story of the incident that has severely soured such a wonderful week for the big ‘keeper.

‘It was my stag night and I was drunk.

‘I think everyone has been in a situation where they regret what they do on those sort of occasions.

‘I spoke to the gaffer and he wasn’t happy with me.

‘I have apologised to him. But if he has made up his mind then that is it. I have to get on with my life now.’

he stunning news that Langfield has been banished from the first team news could be treated with delight by many Dons fans but not many will be pleased that Derek Soutar will fill his boots and surely a new goalie must be sought out.

But what a sad event after helping the club into Europe, getting a call for the Scotland squad and it all happening just two days before his wedding.

Let`s hope it doesn`t sour his big day too much and he and Jimmy Calderwood have reconciled so that he and his fiancé can enjoy their wedding.

What are your thoughts on this astonishing story?

re you happy he`s been ditched?

ave you heard exactly what was said between Calderwood and his ‘keeper?

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