Date: 26th April 2007 at 11:03am
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The good and bad news coming out of Pittodrie is that Jamie Langfield is about to enter into contract talks.

It`s good news for Jamie Langfield and bad news in the eyes of most Dons fans as Jamie has been responsible for several goals this season which have lead to his team dropping valuable points.

In fairness, he has pulled off some excellent saves but he`s a big boy and should be able to cover his goal well. His reaction time and awareness sometimes seem to let him down at times and some fans question his bravery.

Working daily with Jim Leighton has seen an improvement but whether Jim has enough hours in the day to make his student a true top class keeper only time will tell if there is enough original talent to develop.

I`ve always imagined that Langfield`s agent will have an amazing tape of Jamie`s finest saves as he has pulled off some tremendous stops but on the other hand, You`ve Been Framed could have earned the Scotsport production team a right few quid if they`d sent Jamie`s clangers in.

Jamie has however been an ever present in the SPL this season and he can`t be doing that badly as his team sit third in the league with European aspirations, although Calderwood`s recent interest in an American goalkeeper may tell it`s own story.

Jimmy brought Langfield to the club from Dunfermline and he quickly made the number 1 jersey his own, ousting Ryan Esson, David Preece and holding off current substitute keeper Derek Soutar. Jamie was signed for free but had a contract clause that stated he was due a review after 60 matches with Aberdeen and that was brought into effect when he lined up against Hibs.

Jimmy Calderwood has defended his goalie after every blunder since he arrived and has gone as far as to say he`s second only to Craig Gordon as Scotland`s best ‘keeper.

He is now keen to get Jamie sorted with his new deal and said, ‘Jamie has done well for us and we would be pleased to keep him at the club”.

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