Date: 28th February 2007 at 12:01pm
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Jimmy Calderwood`s search for new players will have to be done using planes, trains and taxis as yesterday he was banned from driving for six months.

Jimmy was caught on Queensferry Road in Dunfermline last August after Aberdeen had drawn 1-1 with St Mirren; Kirk Broadfoot scoring a late equaliser.

Jimmy already had 11 points on his licence so the extra three points he was given by Dunfermline District Court yesterday for doing 44 in a 30 stretch took him over the 12 point limit. He was also ordered to pay £10 for every mph he was over, totalling to £140.

It was an unhappy gift for the man who celebrates his 52nd birthday today but a spokesman for the Dons commented on the ban, ‘We are aware of the court case but it will not affect Jimmy’s ability to do his job. It is a private matter between the manager and the court.’