Date: 24th May 2007 at 9:41am
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After the apparent good news that was Russell Anderson saying that he is prepared to sign on at Aberdeen for life, Jimmy Calderwood is putting the shivers up Dons fans backs as he tells them that it isn`t just as simple as that.

Calderwood fears that if a serious offer is made, probably from England, then Aberdeen would not be able to come close to matching the personal terms and Russell would be put on the spot as to whether he chases the cash or stays loyal to the Dons and misses out on a jackpot that would see him set for life.

No confirmed bids are in at the minute and after the Rangers victory on Sunday Russell pledged his future to the club but that isn`t enough to convince Calderwood that he can stave off the vultures which are circling his clubs Player of the Year as he is more than aware of the frightening amounts of money Premiership clubs can lay down to tempt anyone.

All the same, Russell knows he is playing in a good side where his is worshipped and progress is being made each year. It might be enough to anchor him at Pittodrie as well as the chance to captain his club into Europe.

Jimmy will be reassured by Russell`s words of loyalty but isn`t convinced that he or the club can turn down the millions that a worthwhile offer would certainly need to consist of.

Calderwood said, ‘I didn’t expect him to say anything else. He is a local lad and he is enjoying himself here but you never know with these things.

We have always said that we will keep him and hopefully that will be the case. He has been magnificent for us but you reach a certain platform in talks and then it gets difficult.

We will just have to wait as we are still working on a couple of things for next season at the moment.

The lad is ambitious, as the rest of us are, and it depends on whether he has the chance to go.

The club has done quite well and we have improved every year. But how far can we go? It’s the same for everybody.

Until anybody makes an offer then he is going to be an Aberdeen player and he does not have a problem with that.

If somebody comes in with an offer that excites him and they want to pay what we think is reasonable for him then it’s a big choice for Russell.’

Most of the team have set off an a deserved summer break but Jimmy has some work to do when he comes back as Russell`s contract expires next season and he must judge whether to offload him now for good money or lose him later for nothing.

Calderwood said, ‘Russell’s contract finishes next season. There is no rush but no club wants their top players leaving for nothing.

So it is imperative when we get back that we sit down and see if we can get things sorted long before that time comes.

Russell is a local boy and is a lovely lad with a great family.

He is a very proud guy and if he did go would probably want to come back and finish his career at Aberdeen.

Hopefully, though, he won’t leave and we can come to an arrangement to keep him at Pittodrie.’

Should the Dons accept big money for their star player or break the bank to keep him?

Could Aberdeen maintain their season upon season progress without Russell and how much do you think he should cost in today`s market.

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