Date: 26th July 2008 at 7:37pm
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I came across an article in The Sun about Calderwood’s son Scott claiming his dad’s holidays were ruined by the 2nd half of last season. In that time, Aberdeen exited 3 cup competions and when it looked impossible for the Dons not to qualify for Europe again, they did (in the most disgraceful fashion).

Scott Calderwood said: ‘We always go away for a bit so he can spend some time with the grandkids but he wasn’t happy. It’s a shame because he’s more gutted than the supporters at how things went.’

Is that right Diet Tango?

So a person who not only gets free travel and admission to all these matches, but gets paid to do it, is more gutted than fans who have shelled out hundreds if not thousands over the season to get there and watch 90 minutes of trickless, defensive football?

Er, I don’t think so.

How many times have you read ‘and as usual, it’s the fans that suffer’? Because it is! In the end, the people that are affected the worst by all things bad in football are the supporters.

107 buses and around 1000 car loads of people made there way to Hampden for the Queen of the South semi-final. I think what I wrote in the above 3 paragraphs is confirmed when I tell you that that amount was slashed by 102 buses and 992 cars for the game against Celtic the week after.