Date: 30th June 2008 at 8:09pm
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Well today I made my way to the club shop along with many other Aberdeen fans as the new strip was released. Surprisingly (or unsurprisingly as you will soon find out), I walked in to the shop ready to place an order for my new top, only to find that there was still plenty Large Men’s size still in stock. Without any fuss, I took the top to the counter to pay, and was in and out within 3 minutes, compared to last season’s 30 minutes.

Why? Well, that’s why I’m writing this article. The first thing you will notice is the top is very, very plain. Completely plain red apart from a random flash next to the left shoulder.

Secondly, the badge. It’s made of felt and looks like a cartoon drawing. The stars have curved edges the badge is a different shade of red and different material to the rest of the top.

Third, the sponsor. Apart from ‘come on soccer’ Americans, who the hell wants to walk down the street wearing a t-shirt with the word TEAM plastered right across the middle? And on the topic of the sponsor, yet again it is made of this stupid ironed on stuff. The stuff that cracks and peels off after its 2nd wash.

But last and most importantly, why no mention or the like of ’83? It doesn’t take a genius to realise every Dons fan in the world would want a shirt replicating that of the ECWC winning one. White pinstripes, a collar and the old badge and the shirt would have sold out 10 times over. Not even wording printed on the inside of the Made in Thailand tag. Nothing.

Yet again, absolutely no effort has gone into the one thing we’re guaranteed to be stuck with for the whole season. Football clubs don’t seem to realise that nowadays strips are worn on the streets and on holiday.

Note: I have of course splashed out £45 on it as part of my civil duty.