Date: 12th November 2007 at 3:18pm
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Gone are the days of free speech at football grounds. Rougvie – Never Let a Dago By. Light hearted, maybe not totally politically correct but looked back on a quarter of a century later as a reminder of the good old days. As the teams came out yesterday I had a fair chuckle at the banner proudly held up by the Red Ultras – LITHUANIAN STATE CIRCUS WITH DIVING CHEATS – soon to be embarrasedly removed by slaves of the Romanov Empire.

The press – exploited by many, exploits many. Michael Hart – exploits himself. I’m sure many will remember him gobbing off to the press about how he’d rather have Craig Brewster than Chris Boyd etcetera before a clash at Ibrox last season, only to find himself pissing in the wind when we were 3-0 down after approximately 6 touches of the ball. Lightning never strikes twice, yeah right…’Andy held his hand up at half-time, but it’s been happening too often and it’s really frustrating.’, nobody’s perfect. And when Hart succeeded in only giving the ball to the opposition while trying to make a 10 yard pass by his own corner flag, he must have been Rafael Scheidt-ing himself.

Two zilch down after quarter of an hour and things were looking gloomy, literally. The floodlights went out and there was that small hope the game may be abandoned and the tie awarded 3-0 Aberdeen…or maybe we’d settle for a do over starting at 0-0.

I thought he’d wasted the opportunity but Jeffrey De Visscher did brilliantly to cut back inside and unleash the shot that flew into the bottom corner. Hopefully we’ll see more of that over the coming season.

The match just never lit for Aberdeen. Hopefully the international break gives Jimmy Jimmy a bit more thinking time before the visit to Parkhead!

A record’s attendance for the season, 17’122 – where were you when you were pong?