Date: 31st July 2008 at 7:54pm
Written by:

I’m sick to death of fans/managers/media who continue to back Darren Mackie. He is quite frankly total crap. He has no skill and doesn’t score and is even losing his pace that so many used to use as the excuse to keep playing him. With a grand total of 4 goals last season, why he wasn’t transfer listed would be beyond belief. The reason I say would is because it would be beyond belief if anyone except Calderwood was in charge. Calderwood blatantly has a favourites policy. These policies are okay when it is the best players but there clearly are and has been players that are better than Mackie and are behind him in first picked list.

Jimmy Nichol told the Evening Express: ‘That’s a huge bonus because he`s a big player for us.’

Er, no he’s not? He scored 4 goals last season in 30 odd attempts or something. That is an absolute disgrace! He’s being paid to score goals and he’s not doing his job. In what other job in this world can you not do your job and continue to be paid and praised? None! Only as a striker for Aberdeen Football Club.

Fans will say ‘he’s Aberdeen through and through’, well I don’t give a flying F! ‘He tries his best and that’s all you can ask for’, that’s all I can ask for?! Can we not also ask him to F off? So we’ve established he’s a Don and puts in 100%. If that’s the criteria for an Aberdeen player why amen’t I getting a game?

It’s absolutely ridiculous. Unless he scores 10+ this season he doesn’t even deserve to be told he’s not being offered a new contract. But as he did last time he had one year left on his contract, he’ll probably finish the club’s top scorer this season.

If you’ve been reading the Evening Express this week you’ll have seen Mackie whoring himself in the papers, ‘Mack me an offer’, read the backpage headline. I await Calderwood’s responding headline, ‘Do something to deserve one you hopeless bassa’.