Date: 9th June 2007 at 11:26pm
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Magaluf gate rumbles on and whilst there seems to be some spicy words being said, it seems that Jimmy Calderwood`s say will be final and his opinion is already made up which is those that amount to Jamie Langfield`s Aberdeen career being over.

It`s a sad end made all the sadder by the fact that the story has finally broke on the week of his wedding.

But sentiment has little or no place in football so despite how highly Calderwood rates his ever present goalkeeper of last season and no matter how often he publicly praised him, Jamie Langfield`s Aberdeen FC career is as good as finished after accumulating his third strike out in his managers eyes.

An irate Calderwood revealed that this incident hasn`t been his first bit of bother with Jamie which perhaps gives the severity of the punishment a bit more understanding.

He said, “Langfield breached club discipline and I dealt with it”.

‘It was the third time that I had good reason to be disappointed with his behaviour. None of us are angels, but, when you are a professional player, you have to behave professionally and maintain certain standards. But he let himself and the club down. Langfield could not even remember a lot of what happened in these incidents. I had to tell him what he’d done and said.’

Jimmy continued, ‘He stepped over the line once too often, forcing action to be taken against him. He has suffered the consequences, but it is his family that I feel sorry for. He still has a year remaining on his contract so he could be here for that length of time.

‘Jamie has been stripped of his number one shirt. He is not on the transfer list, but, if someone comes in for him, we won’t be too hard to deal with.’

On the day of Langfield`s wedding to his fiancĂ©e Louise Hunter, Jimmy faced tough questions about his ‘keeper but he stuck to his guns and said “There is never an ideal time for these sort of things but I do feel sorry for Jamie’s wife-to-be,’.

‘I would certainly have done all I could to avoid anything coming out before their wedding.

‘It all happened about 10 days ago and I planned to talk things over again with Jamie when he came back for training at the end of this month.

‘But I was forced to say something because Jamie had revealed what was going on.’

Before he again re-iterated, ‘It’s Jamie’s family I feel sorry for most”.

Langfield gave his side of the story and while he is keen to resolve the situation, he also knows his boss well enough to realise that there is little chance of that.

The Scotland squad ‘keeper said, ‘It was my stag night and I was drunk,’.

‘I think everyone has been in a situation where they regret what they do on those sort of occasions. I spoke to the gaffer and he made it clear he was not happy with me. I have apologised to him, but, if he has made up his mind, then that is it.’

‘The one thing I would love to do is sit down with the manager and have a heart-to-heart with him.

‘My fear is there is no going back at Aberdeen. The manager is one of these guys who, once he makes up his mind on something, that’s it.’

amie was so badly drunk that he hadn`t realised that any sort of altercation with his manager had happened and it was only when the club had informed his agent of Jimmy`s decisions that the stopper was enlightened to his actions and statements.

Jamie said, ‘To get the phone call from my agent and suddenly be told that I was no longer number 1 and that the contract was being withdrawn left me utterly shocked.

‘I was dumbstruck because I had forgotten all about my surprise meeting with the manager in Magaluf. I had no idea what I’d said and had come back to Scotland thinking everything was fine’

The bust up with Jimmy has obviously been made public and Aberdeen rejecting a Rangers offer to buy Langfield seems to be at a major part of their argument but his manager does not seem to be the only person Langfield upset that night.

A visitor, calling himself nallyboy, to the Vital Aberdeen Forum actually witnessed first hand Jamie`s outlandishness and venom in Magaluf that night and he had this to say of the event.

“Langfield deserves everything he got, Mr Calderwood was spot on, I was in Magaluf on one of the night’s in question (wed 23/05) he was wrecked, made leud innuendo’s to a bald fat guy (me)he was lucky not to get a sore face. Mr Calderwood could not have been nicer to him that night”.

An interesting little comment and whilst we can`t verify the accuracy of the statement, it was written by no prompting and the self depreciating manner of the comment seems to suggest that nallyboy would not be in the business of lying.

Either way, it`s a sad but interesting story and if you have anything to say on the matter, whether you`d like to defend Jamie or add something else about his nocturnal activities, the Vital Aberdeen Forum is the place for you.

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