Date: 19th June 2015 at 4:17pm
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The majority of players returned for pre season training yesterday, and manager Derek McInnes said there had been some concerns about the shortness of the break this summer, but he was pleased to be back ‘at it’ now.

Speaking to the Official Site McInnes explained that he felt he, the coaches and the players that had returned had fully rested up over the last few weeks and everybody has come back with a freshness and eagerness for our European campaign.

‘It is nice to be back. There was concern with the shortness of the break but I have certainly had a good break and the players have come back refreshed and are ready to go again. I think the lure of playing European football makes it easier to come back.’

Having talked about down time at the end of 2014-15, McInnes said the off season programme for the players had been very specific and orientated so each of them could take the most from the down time and having a scattered return to pre season training also enables those who need a bit of an extension to get one.

‘Hopefully it will all mean everyone is ready for not only for the first game in Europe but to be ready for the first league game of the season and be ready for the demands of the long campaign.’

With an earlier return though, the gaffer also admits it won’t be a standard pre season, the intensity will be lower for a while to ease people back in after a less than a month off.

‘It is a gradual process but the fact the players only finished three and a half weeks ago means the intensity and work load will not be what a normal pre-season is. However they will still be made to work very hard and it is important we still get that sharpness into the players so they are game ready.’

Of course McInnes committed to the club the other week and ended speculation of a potential departure with the new deal and he admitted himself he was pleased to have got it over the line ahead of the return as it means he can be fully focused on the coming campaign.

‘I am delighted about the new deal and to have committed to the club. ‘I speak to the Chairman on a regular basis. We spoke a couple of times about an extension of the contract. It was all straight forward enough. Tony and I were keen to stay as well. It was never going to be a problem when you get willing parties wanting to do a deal. I was speaking to him over a few issues whilst I was on holiday. The Chairman was keen to get the news out there. As I say I am delighted to commit to the club. It is a brilliant club to work for, I have said that time and time again.’

There is some caution in his words though as he admits there’s still a ‘long way’ to go for the club and what he wants to achieve with us, but it will hopefully be gradual progress each and every year where we see improvement and real difference closing those gaps.


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