Date: 19th March 2007 at 2:59pm
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The now famous interview Michael Hart gave before the weekend`s Rangers clash has been credited as giving Rangers extra motivation and helped spur them on to their convincing 3-0 victory.

Rangers player David Weir said after the match “The lads noticed what was said in the newspapers and it did motivate us more.

‘You can speak all you want but you have to go out and do it on the pitch as well. What was said gave us a bit of extra satisfaction at the result.’

But Michael now has a few defenders in the Dons camp. The writer who conducted the interview feels the piece he wrote for the Aberdeen Evening Express was blown out of proportion and misconstrued and transformed into an anti-Rangers rant by the Glasgow media.

Now his manager has spoken out to defend the young defender

Jimmy Calderwood said: ‘I can’t say I disagree with anything Michael said, even though it put extra pressure on the team on the day.

‘I’m more sickened by the fact we never made a game of it.

‘We had a lot of good players out there and they came nowhere near to making the sort of contributions I should have been able to expect.’

And Director of Football Willie Miller also admonishes Hart for the heavy defeat.

iller said: ‘It would be totally unfair to lay any of the blame for the loss on Michael. I respect his opinion in terms of what he said about his team mates. It was just a bad day for the team.’