Date: 19th June 2007 at 12:49am
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The weekly rumour that Russell Anderson is about to sign for a Premiership club has made the daily deadline and this time it`s Gareth Southgate who plans to take him to England.

After Rangers, Celtic, Everton, Sunderland and Wigan all reportedly making non-existent moves for our much loved captain, it`s Middlesbrough`s turn to try and nick him for a million quid.

It`s always a million quid that the bid is for but for a player who is in the Scotland squad always and has was the only player out with Celtic to be nominated for the Player of the Year award, surely the Dons could “do a Hibs” and start a bidding war to get that paltry figure raised?

Regardless, Jimmy Calderwood has heard enough speculation before to not start crying at the mere mention of Russ backing his bags for England and is quick to point out that no bids have formally been received and he`s not keen that they ever are.

When told of the impending deal that would take Anderson to the Riverside by the end of the week, Calderwood said he had heard nothing and that, ‘I hope things stay that way because Russell is an important player to Aberdeen.

‘We return for training next week and will get down to discussing a new contract with Russell soon after that.

‘But the chance that another club might show an interest in him at some stage is a constant worry.’

Teams will obviously show an interest in a player of Russell`s calibre Jimmy but the good part is that because he`s not a huge worldwide name, most clubs in the Premiership aren`t interested as he doesn`t carry the “Wow” factor despite his immense abilities as a defender.

And long may it continue; sad as it is for Russell.