Date: 28th April 2008 at 2:39pm
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Before you read this, bear this in mind. I am an atheist, well, I wasn’t baptised etc. and couldn’t care less about religion. However, when I was younger I went to a Catholic school, so I did grow up getting taught everything the Catholic way.

Moron. Fool. Softhead. Idiot.

Four words that all perfectly describe Celtic’s Polish goalkeeper, Artur Boruc.

You see, after yesterday’s 16th or so Old Firm derby of the season, Artur Boruc removed his goalie top to reveal a t-shirt bearing a picture of the deceased Pope John Paul II, with the words ‘God Bless The Pope’ written above.

I think I’ll just get straight into it. Quite frankly, to me, this has absolutely nothing to do with honouring the Pope but is just a pure wind-up directed at the Rangers fans. Celtic fans will defend Boruc all they like, and if you make an anti this shirt post on any internet messageboard, it’s likely you will receive a load of abuse from some tims calling you a bigot. They will say he ‘expressing his faith’ and so on. The greatest fans in the world *snigger* affectionately label him the ‘Holy Goalie’. But to me, using your religion to wind-up people of another religion is possibly the unholiest thing I can think of.

The sad thing is, due to this ‘incident’, the only thing people will be talking about at this moment in time is this moronic t-shirt, rather than a thrilling football derby. And in my opinion, that’s what Boruc wants. He’s just an immature attention seeker that really needs to grow up.

Yes, he’s allowed to bless himself and all those kind of things, but only if it’s for religious reasons. However, and I know some of you will not like this, I think the only reason he does this is to win over the fans at Celtic and sometimes wind up the opposition support.

And before you say he didn’t wear that t-shirt to wind up the Rangers fans and get attention, do you really think he would have worn it at the likes of Rugby Park, or if the Celtic fans weren’t religious? If you do, you’re deluded.

The fact it was the first game after the 2nd anniversary of the death of JPII gave him an excuse to do it and because it [religion] is such a sensitive issue the SFA or whoever controls our Mickey Mouse league will not suspend Boruc or worse.

The SFA and the bigot brothers are supposed to be trying to get rid of sectarianism etc. and does this kind of thing help the cause? No. The fact is the SFA and the OF love it, it gives our league and them attention. The press also love it, it gives them something to write about, and this incident will have given them a field day.

The sooner the Old Firm go to England, or back to where they belong, the better. It will make our league more competitive, sectarianism and bigotry will not be an issue, and we won’t have the problem of biasm in the governing bodies or match officials.

Religion and political tosh do not and should not mix with the beautiful game and I want the SFA to grow some balls and take action against this incident now and any future ones like it so there are no double standards.