Date: 3rd July 2008 at 5:01pm
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I think I’ve created a strong challenger for Vital Hearts’ most misleading titles (and hopefully I can cheekily generate some page views from mislead Google searches). But back on topic, what do I want to see in the new Scotland strip?

Scotland strips have varied a lot over the years. My personal favourite home strip is the ’98 France World Cup one. In fact, I just bought it today from a charity shop for the huge sum of £3. Hoops are satanic if they come in green and white, but the purple blue and dark blue is glorious. The tartan trimmed sleeves, collar and optionally buttoned up V neck are all brilliant. And of course the old badge, sitting on a tartan shield is another masterpiece. Yes, there was a time when manufacturers put effort into kits.

The away Scotland strips have come in many different colours. Red, yellow, white, maroon (WTF?!). But in my opinion, I’d welcome back the salmon pink with the blue band around the chest.

However, the teaser for the new home strip seems to welcome back something else. Red. It is a woeful teaser, and I can’t possibly tell if that’s from the socks, shorts or shirt. But it looks to me like red trim on the sleeves.

What do you want to see, or not, on the new strips? Leave a comment below.