Date: 24th April 2009 at 7:47pm
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I returned to Aberdeen on holiday during Easter and the first game I took in was away to Motherwell. It was the most soul destroying game of football I have ever been to. The thing that was so blatant to me was that this was possibly the most demotivated Aberdeen side I had ever witnessed, lead by supposed captain Scott Severin. With Russell Anderson, he was definitely not the most vocal leader, but the thing he did do was lead by example. His displays were an inspiration to his team-mates. Severin on the other hand, is the same as Anderson in the way he doesn’t speak, but he certainly doesn’t lead by example either. It really isn’t clear why he is still captain, when there are others who would blatantly make better use of the armband. It is strange how much Severin has deteriorated as a player since appointed captain when Anderson left, I can’t even remember him scoring a goal since then. He is nowhere near the Severin of 2 or 3 years ago, and is now about 3 yards off the pace. Now he has also turned down a new contract, then said he would stay should Aberdeen make Europe, before saying even Europe might not persuade him. Captain my arse.

There are at least 3 players who I think would make much better captains than Severin. These 3 are Jamie Langfield, Zander Diamond and Mark Kerr.

Langfield has had an outstanding season this season, with many great performances and game saving saves. He hasn’t had a ‘clanger’ for a long while now. He is probably the most vocal player on the pitch, constantly screaming at everyone and everything, while leading by example in goal too. His injury time save against Motherwell that rescued a point for Aberdeen was one of those that had it been Edwin Van Der Sar or Petr Cech, everyone would be spunking over it.

Another option is Zander Diamond – current vice-captain. It has certainly not been his best season for Aberdeen, 2004/05 and 2007/08 undoubtedly being more consistent, but young Zander is undeniably the most passionate player on the pitch, every game. He never jumps out of a tackle and is scared of no player or team. Although he is not the most sophisticated centre-half, with most 5 yard passes ending up 70 yard lumps up the park, he doesn’t mess around at the back. He treats every game as if it were a cup final and always tries to motivate those around him. Plus, he hates Rangers.

The only other player I’d deem worthy of captaincy is Mark Kerr, who has impressed me in every game I’ve seen him play. He’s quite frankly a good player, always goes for the easy option, sets a good example and isn’t scared of the opposition (see headbutt on Rob Jones (6’7′) the other week).

I really wouldn’t mind the next captain being any of those three, but undoubtedly Calderwood will give it to Darren Mackie or the like. I’d probably opt for Diamond before Langfield and then Kerr. And if Severin does stay next season, surely to god Calderwood can see he is not worthy of captaining Aberdeen Football Club.