Date: 1st May 2007 at 2:18pm
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More big talk coming out of Pittodrie and this time Jimmy Calderwood is putting Barry Nicholson forward as the player who can secure European football next season by running the midfield against Hearts on Sunday.

Barry has had two good matches since his return from the shoulder injuries he sustained after a wreckless challenge by Laryea Kingston during the 1-0 win at Pittodrie the last time the clubs met on the 10th of March and Jimmy has seen enough to bracket him alongside Paul Hartley with regards to the impact he can have on a game.

‘Barry has it in his locker to be as influential in the game as Hartley used to be.

‘Hearts will really miss Hartley because he used to cause us lots of problems.

‘They tend to go with Brellier and Kingston now, who are a lot more defensive than Hartley was.

‘But Barry will make it very tough for them on the day because his performances in our last two matches were just incredible. Barry’s movement and use of the ball was first class.

‘When you consider he still hasn’t fully recovered from the shoulder injury that kept him out for so long, Barry deserves a lot of credit.’

Jimmy sees qualification for Europe as a pivotal step in the rehabilitation of the club and whilst it would be great to see some glamorous continental clubs coming to Pittodrie, Jimmy looks deeper into the impact securing the last UEFA spot would make.

They would be winners again and it would give them the confidence to go on to bigger and better things,’

‘Once you have achieved something positive you can go out with a bit more confidence and arrogance.

‘It would offer more hope that we would finish at least third in the league again.

‘The belief that they would be up at the top end challenging for honours was something Aberdeen used to have but it disappeared in recent years.

‘But we can start to restore it on Sunday, that’s why it is such a massive game.’

For both clubs Jimmy as Hearts too have the same aspirations to become known on the European circuit and it`s possibly even more vital for them with their huge wage bills, development plans and chairman`s predictive boasting.

This game is going to be a monster!!