Date: 25th May 2007 at 11:15am
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Jimmy Calderwood may become a victim of his own success.

After bragging of the abilities and achievements of his players as well as tipping them for national honours, he has apparently alerted the Premiership money men who could come in at any time and snatch away his stars.

Jimmy`s forward planning would be undone immediately if he were to lose the likes of Russell Anderson but he`s been hit with the thunderbolt that the news is guys like of Chris Clark, Richard Foster, Michael Hart and Barry Nicholson have been under Premiership surveillance according to a top agent down south.

Jimmy wore a worried expression when he said, ‘The agent said they know if they want bargains then Aberdeen is the place to look. That is a real worry.’

‘I expected Russell to get a mention, but I was a bit lost for words when the agent listed all the others as well.

‘I suppose we should see it as a compliment to the way the team performed over the course of the season.

‘But it means I will be spending most of the summer praying none of the clubs actually make moves for any of the players.

‘We’ve just about got the squad sorted out for next season.

‘The last thing I want is to lose one of our key players and have to start searching for a replacement.’

Jimmy`s strength lies in the excellent squad unity that has seen the club rise to 3rd in the SPL this season and he`ll be hoping that will help players such as Anderson, Hart, Foster, Nicholson, Jamie Langfield, Steve Lovell, Lee Miller, Richie Byrne and Derek Soutar all resign as they are on the last year of their Dons deal but he knows that he can`t offer anything marginally close to even the Premiership relegation candidates and therefore fears that they will come knocking for a bargain.

immy said: ‘We have to work with certain constraints as far as wages are concerned.

‘But the board have broken open contracts in the past to help us keep our top players.

‘It’s a big financial commitment, but they know that has to be done to if the squad is to stay together.

‘The board will give me as much help as they possibly can but making it to the group stages of the UEFA Cup would be a help.

‘That would generate more revenue and give Willie Miller more negotiating power when it comes to sorting out some of the contracts at the turn of the year.’

re you worried about the loss of any of our top stars?

ave you heard any rumours concerning a Dons player and a move away?

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