Date: 29th June 2008 at 8:49pm
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I was shocked when I logged on to Manchester United fan group Stretford End Flags forum and opened a thread titled 11’000. The thread was started by a lifelong United fan who this season isn’t renewing his season ticket…and according to the United ticket office, along with 11’000 other fans.

After a historic season, which saw United win both the English Premier League and UEFA Champions League, it’s blatant that the reason these fans aren’t renewing their season tickets is because they can’t afford it.

Those fans who don’t put a second’s thought into anything will have just said to themselves, ‘typical greedy football clubs nowadays’. Well, let me tell you something, you’re wrong.

The problem is in fact greedy players. As players demand higher wages, football clubs can’t keep pricing things the same, can they?

My point doesn’t go any further. That’s it. Have a think about it.