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Last week we published the first part of this interview where Richard talked mainly about his career so far and we now conclude with Richard answering questions on his days as a Dons fan.

If you’d like to read the first part, scroll down and look into Vital Aberdeen archives or paste this address into your address bar.

Thanks again to Richard and to you the readers of Vital Aberdeen who submitted many of the questions below.

Aberdeen FC Questions

1. What is your greatest moment as an Aberdeen fan?

R.G. Gothenburg.

2. And what has been the worst?

R.G. The Skovdahl era in general, with the nadir being the 7-0 thrashing at Celtic Park in which Larsson and Viduka toyed with Thomas Solberg for ninety minutes. The most depressing ninety minutes of my time as a Dons fan.

3. What do you think of Aberdeen moving away from Pittodrie?

R.G. I would love us to stay given all the memories that place holds for me, but I can appreciate the financial reasons for a move.

4. Can you tell us your all time favourite Aberdeen player?

R.G. Willie Miller. Followed closely by Joe Harper, Arthur Graham and Duncan Shearer.

5. And can you possibly say who you think has been the worst?

R.G. I refer you to the 7-0 beating by Celtic in answer 16! Actually Solberg probably wasn`t the worst, but that ninety minutes was the worst I have seen from a so-called international central defender.

6. What do you think should be realistic targets for Aberdeen to set themselves as realistic goals for a season?

R.G. Given the current state of the Scottish game, third place and a Cup victory.

7. It`s fantasy land and Roman Abramovich has kindly said he will buy any player of your choice for the Dons at any price as part of the Fund-a-Don appeal. Who would you choose?

R.G. Right now, Cristiano Ronaldo without a doubt.

8. Favourite Aberdeen goal?

R.G. Wow, what a question! Probably Willie Miller`s header that clinched the league against Celtic in a 1-1 draw at Pittodrie in 1985. After he scored, he turned arm outstretched and ran straight to where we were celebrating in the South Stand. Just a fantastic moment! John Hewitt`s winner in Gothenburg wasn`t bad either, mind you.

9. Where do you think the Dons will finish this season

R.G. I`ll go for third – fingers crossed.

10. Who do you regard as the best player at the club just now?

R.G. By some distance, Russell Anderson.

11. Who will be getting your vote as SPL player of the year?

R.G. Russell Anderson. Scott Brown of Hibernian and Lee Naylor of Celtic run him close.

12. Can you name your all time best Dons 11 with subs?

R.G. This changes every time I am asked about it, but here goes:

Jim Leighton: Stuart Kennedy, Willie Miller, Alex McLeish, John McMaster:

Gordon Strachan, Neil Simpson, Zoltan Varga, Arthur Graham:

Joe Harper, Eric Black

SUBS: Theo Snelders, Russell Anderson, Martin Buchan, Paul Mason, Duncan Shearer, Billy Dodds and, of course, John Hewitt.

13. Had Alex Ferguson still be at the club just now, do you think Scottish football would have been different?

R.G. Not necessarily. Even Sir Alex might have struggled against the Murray millions and Celtic`s subsequent opening of the Parkhead biscuit tin.

14. What do you think of the state of Scottish football at present?

R.G. I am more optimistic than many. I have seen some tremendous matches at all levels this season and am encouraged by some of the young talent coming through. Clearly there are still huge financial problems, but on the pitch there is room for hope.

15. To sum up, what does Aberdeen FC mean to you?

R.G.An emotional roller-coaster which will continue to thrill and devastate me in roughly equal measures for the rest of my life.

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