Date: 3rd June 2008 at 6:51pm
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Well, unless you’re blind, you can’t say it wasn’t coming. It was coming, and we could all see it from a long, long way away, from the north-east of Scotland right down to the border. Tragically, the Gretna fairytale hasn’t had the happy ending fairy tales are meant to have. It’s the football equivalent of them all living happily ever after before being brutally murdered.

You see, Gretna, for the past 4 seasons, has been running on the money of Mr Brooks Mileson. When they were in division 3, they bought SPL standard players. They climbed the divisions faster than Incy Wincy could climb the water spout. Incredibly however, Mileson had absolutely no legal ties/contract with Gretna FC and when he fell ill a few months ago he just pulled out. As he was dying, so was Gretna.

Gretna originally made 22 players redundant. Two months later on 19th May, Gretna laid off their 40 remaining staff. Things were so bad they couldn’t pay the bill for a club website ‘If you are the account holder, for more information, and to restore account, please contact Jamie Carruthers Customer Service as soon as possible’. And 10 days later on 29th May, Gretna were demoted to division three by the SFL, as to not make a joke out of Scottish football. But, no buyer came in for the club and today, 3rd June, Gretna Football Club resigned from the Scottish Football League and are no longer.

They deserve it. They had no plan. Their ground didn’t meet the standards required and they did nothing to try and make it either. Raydale Park hasn’t changed since this time last year. The people who don’t deserve it though are the fans. I actually admire those who made trips the length of the country after the split to Inverness and the like.

As usual, it’s the fans who suffer. If you are one of the few Gretna fans in this world, you have my condolences. I look forward to seeing an AFC Gretna in the next couple of years.

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