Date: 15th January 2007 at 4:32pm
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The 10,000 fans that turned up at Pittodrie would have to agree with Russell Anderson that when he says more games like Saturday`s boreathon against Inverness would get football stopped.

The weather played its part, howling winds swirling about inside Pittodrie Stadium are not conducive to silky soccer.

The tradition is always scrappy battles in our matches against Caley and a soaking, heavy pitch where grass has given up even trying to grow for the winter meant the match was never going to be remembered for anything other than the hardships, both on and off the pitch, that the fans had to endure.

Club captain Russell was blunt and honest when he spoke about the match.

It was a very poor game.

I don’t think there was any quality at all and to blame it totally on the conditions would be wrong.

They didn’t help but we should be able to handle them better than we did. Our late equaliser could end up being crucial come the end of the season.

But looking at it in overall terms it was certainly a disappointing game from our point of view.

Games against Inverness are always a bit scrappy but we have to rise above that.

There’s no doubt we’ll have to play better than that if we want to finish second. It’s something we have to work on.’

Russell`s value to the club has hardly been more highlighted than in the last couple of weeks as his absence against Dundee United was surely a big part of how they managed to score three goals against us. His performances since his return have been magnificent, a fact that has not been overlooked by visitors to this website as he leads the poll of players the fans want tied up new contracts by at least a 50% majority.

The good news is he`s not planning to move anywhere just now despite all the speculation, but, as every football fan knows, nothing is ever certain. He did make this statement though which should give some comfort to Aberdeen fans desperate to keep their captain, ‘The likelihood is I’ll still be here and I would definitely listen to what the club has to say regarding an extension.

But I’m not expecting it for a while as they’ve got more pressing matters to deal with for the players who are out of contract in the summer.’

Possibly true Russell but by tying him to a longer contract, as arguably our most influential player, would surely give others a good reason to follow his example. If Jimmy is planning a bright future for Aberdeen then he needs his best players to stay and guaranteeing Anderson for the foreseeable future would be a major statement of intent.