Date: 20th February 2007 at 8:50am
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Aberdeen and Scotland midfielder Scott Severin is not concerned that the Dons have failed to take a single point off either half of the Old Firm this season and are in fact the only team not to have done so against Rangers in the league.

He thinks the club are still on course for the 2nd Champions League position despite their poor results against the Glasgow clubs are remains optimistic as the season begins to bottleneck into a titanic finish.

Severin said: ‘As long as we keep beating the teams below us, I don’t think our results against the teams at the top is something we should be worried about.

‘We are still in the hunt for second place, have still to play Rangers and Hearts before the league splits and have a game extra to play. Our bid to finish second is not over yet. Of course, we still have to pick up quite a few points and we have some big games coming up. We have a break for a couple of weeks now, but with matches against Falkirk, Hearts then Rangers after it we’ve a great chance of getting something from them all.’

Severin felt his team were hard done by in the match, especially when captain Russell Anderson was penalized for a soft, if at all, foul on Vennegoor of Hesselink.

He added: ‘Russell said he didn’t touch him and said Jan was holding him, rather than the other way around. But the referee gave the free kick and Nakamura finished it well, giving us a mountain to climb. That is annoying because the two goals we lost could have been prevented, especially the first one where we tried to play offside and it didn’t work. We kept creating chances and managed to score one, but it is disappointing we started badly again.

‘The same thing happened in December against Rangers, when we fell 2-0 behind quite early, and we need to get it sorted.’

Severin knows his team lost to a quality outfit but it was a narrow defeat and the goals Aberdeen lost were unfortunate and due to bad refereeing and bad goalkeeping. Jimmy Calderwood will really need to be having a good look at his ‘keeper situation as despite Jamie Langfield having some undoubted qualities, he`s certainly not top drawer and been at fault for many goals Aberdeen have conceded this season. He allowed the shot from Craig Beattie to squirm past him and into pretty much the only part of the goal where he could possibly have placed it but it was poor defending to allow the chance to occur.

Calderwood spoke about the danger of Nakamura from free kicks prior to the match but Aberdeen never had anyone on the far post to narrow the area to aim at. Langfield stayed so far to the near post that Nakamura had such a huge area that he could have bent the rotund Jimmy Calderwood into the space, never mind a Mitre size 5 and it was the easiest thing in the world for the skilled Nakamura to help plug the gap with the match ball.

With that defeat in the past, Severin then gave his first hand thoughts on how he felt Celtic would fair against Euro giants AC Milan in their Euro clash.

He said: ‘I think they have a chance because they have pace up front. Whether it is Kenny Miller, Craig Beattie or Jan Vennegoor of Hesselink who plays, they will be a threat. Celtic are very strong defensively, too. We found them very hard to break down.

‘Their midfield takes up positions which are hard to mark and I think we were scared at times to fly in in case they played a one-two around us.

‘While that is something we need to work at, it is one of their strengths and they retain possession very well. They had a 10-minute spell where they just passed the ball about and ran time down. They definitely have an opportunity against Milan.’