Date: 3rd August 2008 at 4:51pm
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As the old IRA song goes, some men fight for silver, some men fight for gold…and then there’s Aberdeen who always seem to want to fight it out for ‘bronze’.

If you look at polls on various Aberdeen messageboards regarding where we will finish this season, you may notice that there’s a few 6th’s, 5th’s, 4th’s and then a large majority vote for 3rd, with the odd joker who votes for 1st. Or sometimes even worse than that, the options only start at 3rd.

Basically my point is, if we don’t aim higher than 3rd, we’ll never get it. We will always be ‘happy’ finishing the best of the rest.

So when are we going to start voting for 2nd and 1st? Many of you will say when we have the money to challenge Celtic and Rangers. Is this not the same Celtic who we beat on their own turf in the Scottish Cup last season? And the same Rangers who, while they had to win to win the league, and we were playing for nothing, we played off the park and effectively humped 2-0 on the last day of last season?

That is proof that we can be better than them. What we need is the belief that we are. And that is exactly what Sir Alex Ferguson brought to Pittodrie, and therefore league titles and European trophies. He made the players believe that they could go to Parkhead and Ibrox and beat them.

Why is it that we’re happy with a draw or even a narrow defeat at Ibrox? We’re not happy with either at Pittodrie against Rangers, so what’s the difference when playing at Ibrox? It’s the same team!? It’s just that the players (and a lot of fans) have some psychological disorder that makes them think it’s harder, when in fact it’s exactly the same. Calderwood or any of the management team are not injecting the belief into them that they can win.

Then there’s the ‘aims for the season’ poll. And people vote for semi final!? Why do we want to get to the semi final and not the final?! We have proved we can beat anyone in Scotland, so why are we content with getting beat in the semi final for Christsake?

A lot of the time these are the same fans that moan about the club’s ‘lack of ambition’. Is aiming for 3rd in every competition ambition? Well it isn’t to me.