Date: 18th December 2008 at 8:28pm
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‘Football as it stands today…it’s disgusting. But there are those like us who still uphold the real passion. It is our duty to preserve the real values of this sport.’

A quote from Bocia, capo of Curva Pisani or Atalanta Ultras to the common man.

In Hull, one weekend followers of egg chasing can go to the KC Stadium and stand and drink and watch their ‘sport’ with no bother whatsoever. The next weekend, football fans can go to the KC Stadium, try and stand and be harrassed by stewards and police and be forced to sit in their 2x2ft allocated space or be ejected.

So why football fans (answer – two paragraphs below)?

In Britain, the problem is beyond repair. The police, the football banning order folk and the authorities control the stands, not the fans. But whose fault is that?

Barr the ACAB (google it…) of course, it is the fans who do not stand up for themselves. It’s the fans who don’t resist, who will do whatever the steward says, like a primary school kid listens to their teacher.

A new petition is created every other week it seems on a free petition creation website and the same 100’000 odd sign it every time. It’s easy to sit behind your keyboard and talk the talk about harsh policing and all that, but I bet you, when it comes down to it, 99 out of every 100 of those who sign the petitions online will sit when told to sit.

If outnumbered, the police can do nothing. If they outnumber, the police win. The perfect example of this is the ‘big teams’. Rangers, Celtic, all the EPL teams. Everyone stands, they can’t do a thing.

My message to you is we are the ones with the power. We decide what we do, but we have to do it. That may seem like an obvious sentence but there will be those of you reading this who are in the shoes of two paragraphs above.

‘It is our duty to preserve the real values of this sport.’